Eyebrow Growth Products

There are a lot of eyebrow growth products that you may use for boosting the eyebrow growth and to make them look healthy and thick. Read on to learn about the products that are used for growing eyebrows...
The eyebrow is one of the most definitive facial features. They not only crown the eyes, but also perform the most prominent role of facial expression and nonverbal communication. The dark and well shaped eyebrows like those of legendary Audrey Hepburn (a personal favorite), never fail to capture attention of anyone who looks at them. Women especially hanker a lot and are known to go to any length to achieve the desirable pair of eyebrows. As we know, not all men and women are naturally gifted with the desired and healthy pair of eyebrows. Owing to various reasons like heredity, certain diseases, malnutrition or cosmetic disasters (plucking mistake); women may suffer with uneven or even missing eyebrows. It does make it really embarrassing for such women. Rather than waiting for the eyebrows to grow out naturally, most of the women prefer to use eyebrow growth products that are easily available in the market. You can either use the commercial or natural products that are useful for growing eyebrows. Going by the same, the following Buzzle article will definitely help you with it as it will introduce you with some of the popular products and tricks that are used for growing eyebrows.
Natural Eyebrow Growth Products
✦ Use Essential Oils
Various essential oils like olive oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil and coconut oil are the best and natural sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an extremely crucial nutrition for healthy growth of human hair. One should massage the eyebrows every night, with either of these oils. Regular usage of these oils will definitely cause the desired effect.
✦ Eat Nutritious Foods
One should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, since they are a rich source of various nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and vitamin E. All these nutrients are found beneficial for regulating the process of hair growth and a healthy body. You may also consume healthy fish, eggs and milk and you may take vitamin supplements after consultation with a doctor.
✦ Brush the Eyebrows
One of the easiest and most affordable way to grow eyebrows faster is to brush them for a few minutes, several times a day. You may purchase the eyebrow brush which is cheaply available in the market. Using this brush for 1 to 2 minutes each day; stimulates blood circulation in the eyebrow area and speeds up the eyebrow growth rate.
Makeup Tricks for Thick Eyebrows
In order to fill in the time which is required to regrow the eyebrow hair, you may slightly modify your makeup tricks and create an illusion of thick and well shaped eyebrows. Take a look at these eyebrow makeup tips to learn more.
✦ Eyebrow Pencils and Powders
If you are facing the problem of incorrectly plucked eyebrows or bald patches on eyebrows due to certain disease, then you should use eyebrow pencils or eye makeup powders. Make sure that you are choosing matching color shade of the existing eyebrow hair color. Always use sharpened eyebrow pencils as they help you to draw sharp lines. If you are using the powdered eyebrow makeup, then use a flat brush for fine application of the powder in the gaps of hair. Many people like to use the pencil and powder in combination.
✦ Beauty Scissors and Tweezers
Even if you have very thin eyebrows, you can make them look thick and presentable with help of certain grooming products. The best of them all is a pair of small beauty scissors. Brush the eyebrows with eyebrow brush and trim them with scissors to along their natural growth line. You may use a pair of tweezers to pluck out the thin hair that do not belong to the natural growth line of the hair. If you are dealing with incorrect eyebrow plucking job, then make sure that the eyebrow hair is regrown completely, before plucking them again for good.
Commercial Product Reviews
Apart from all the aforementioned tricks and tips to regrow the eyebrows and to create the appearance of thick eyebrows; you may opt for the commercially available products for eyebrows. There are plenty of such products that you may use as per your convenience, budget and needs.
✦ LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Serum
This is one of the most popular eyebrow product that gently darkens your brow area, with help of its trademark tinting agent. The product is rated to be a safe product for use. According to the customers, it does provides a natural look of thick and healthy eyebrows. It comes with an applicator for easy usage that you may need to use only once a day. Use it on the areas where there is a really thin eyebrow hair line. Average cost of this serum is around USD 125.
✦ Brow Relongé Eyebrow Growth Serum
According to the manufacturers, this product is excellent to be used for the people who are facing the problems like thinning eyebrows and undernourished eyebrows. You can also use it, if you have over-plucked eyebrows. The product comes with an easy to use applicator and hence it is pretty easy to use. You may need to use it once a day. This product is marketed as safe product, since it is approved by the dermatologists. Average cost of this serum is around USD 130.
✦ Rogaine Extra Strength
This is a hair regrowth product for men. However, it is recommended for female eyebrow hair regrowth as well. You can apply this topical product with help of a cotton ball or a Q-tip. This product is mostly suggested to be used twice a day for about a month. As soon as the positive effects start to show, one may need to reduce its usage to twice a week. However, consult a health care provider before using any such products. Average cost of this topical solution is around USD 35.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, having thick eyebrows mostly depends on the genes. You may also consider the option of getting permanent eyebrows with the help of surgical eyebrow transplant. However, consult a health care provider and professional dermatologist before moving forward with any such decisions!