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Best Face Lift Creams

Face lift creams are one of the recent anti-aging skin care products to hit the market. Containing anti-aging and skin firming ingredients like retinoids, peptides, and alpha hydroxy acids, these miraculous cures are said to remove the fine lines and wrinkles. Read on to know more...
BeautiSecrets Staff
Wrinkles, laugh lines, and crow's feet, these are some of the common facial problems that you have to deal with once the aging process starts. Most women, including a number of celebrities, try to turn back the aging tide by investing in plastic surgery or chemical injections. Other much hyped treatments like botox and microdermabrasion are not only invasive and time-consuming, but can also burn a hole in your pocket. Face lift creams have recently hit the market as an anti-aging skin care product. They are affordable and a safer alternative to surgery. So can a simple non-surgical face lift cream actually help you regain your youthful look? Here is a look at some of the factors that make these creams the popular method of reducing the ugly wrinkles and age lines.
Acetyl Hexapeptide: Also known as Argireline, this amino acid is a clinically proven anti-aging ingredient that reduces the fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the amount of nerve stimulation in the area. Used around the mouth, eyes, and forehead, this ingredient can effectively reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.
Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid, also known as Hyaluronan or HA, is usually present in the skin dermis. Its water retention capacities help to keep the skin smooth and repair skin wounds. Along with this, the face lift cream ingredient also helps in restoring collagen which is an integral skin constituent that helps retain the elasticity of the skin.
Vitamins A, E and C: Earlier, dermatologists were unsure whether topical use of the vitamins could stop the anti-aging process. However, it has been found that the presence of vitamins A, E, and C which are also antioxidants, have been quite effective against the aging process. These anti-aging vitamins for women not only reduce the damage caused by the oxidation process, but also decreases the signs of aging that is caused by the oxidation process and fights the free radicals. Moreover, the presence of vitamin C helps in the collagen buildup in the skin and helps reverse the signs of aging.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Derived from fruit and milk sugars, alpha hydroxy acids contained in face lift creams works as an exfoliant while also helps in stimulating the production of elastin and collagen in the skin. This helps reduce mottled pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and roughness that is associated with aging skin. However, it is important to keep in mind that excess of the acids can cause skin damage and peeling. Most of these have concentrations of alpha hydroxy acids at 5% to 8% and at a pH of 3 to 4. Since one of the major side effect of this chemical is sun sensitivity, most of the products should have effective sunscreen formulations.
Other anti-aging ingredients in these creams include retinoids, peptides, green tea extracts, and glycol-ceramides.
Rénergie Microlift by Lancôme: One of the best face lift creams by Lancôme, this anti-aging cream comes with R.A.R.E. technology that basically has a rebuilding effect on the skin. It helps in significantly decreasing the fine lines around the mouth, eyebrows, and forehead. The micro-lifters in the product contain Dermo-bonding peptides that tighten and lift the skin.
Clinique Repairwear Lift Firming Night Cream: Containing ingredients like retinol, whey protein, peptides, and vitamins E and C, this formulation from Clinique helps fight the signs of aging. This night cream helps restore the skin with its silky, smooth, and oil-free finish. It is available for different skin types which includes combination oily to oily, dry combination and dry to very dry.
Biofirm Lift Night by Biotherm: This night cream contains microcirculation stimulants like ginkgo biloba which help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles by filling up the creases. This helps in your skin looking not only youthful but also radiant and significantly less puffy.
While these face lift creams and other anti-wrinkle skin care products do promise to get rid of the age wrinkles, it is only in the minor wrinkling or fine line cases that these creams actually work. Remember that the creams will not produce some miraculous result like a surgery. However, rather than resorting to painful methods that can cause long-lasting side effects, it is best to use a good skin firming or face lift cream that not only reduce the pores and wrinkles, but also keeps the skin moisturized and healthy.