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Facial Liposculpture

Facial Liposculpture

Facial liposculpture is a common cosmetic surgery technique that helps to get a young and healthy looking facial skin. This article highlights all the important aspects of the same.
Bidisha Mukherjee
As we grow old, the facial volume tends to diminish because the muscle tissues waste away with age. However, the size of the skin and bones remain intact. As a result, the underlying support of the skin is lost and it shrinks, which results in appearance of wrinkles and folds on the skin surface. It also leads to loosened jawline, visible jowls and bags under eyes. Facial liposculpture is done either to restore the facial volume or to accentuate some of the facial features.


The procedure mainly involves surgical removal of excessive fat from other areas of the body or from the lower part of the face or neck and planting it on the required part of the face. The fat used for rejuvenation of the face is often obtained from areas like the abdomen, thigh, or butt. For this, an incision is made into the area after applying local anesthesia and then a special device is used to suck out the fat. This fat is then transferred to different parts of the face to replenish the facial fat volume or to reshape certain facial features.

It is usually done on the areas under the eyes, outer eyebrows, cheeks, and chin. Sometimes, the fat can be injected into lips to reshape them into fuller ones. The entire procedure can be completed within an hour. If there is some minor bleeding, bruising, and numbness just after the surgery, there is no need to panic, as it is going to subside within some time. Recovery time for this surgery usually varies from one to two weeks; it can be more in some cases. The changes brought about by the surgery are usually visible only after about 5-6 months. Once the facial volume is restored, the face regains its youthful appearance.


The best part of this cosmetic surgery is that it can give the kind of facial features one wishes to have. Some people are so unhappy with their facial features that it affects their confidence and self-esteem to some extent. In such a scenario, liposculpture helps them to eliminate their insecurities and lead a better life. In other facelift techniques, chemicals or artificial substances are used and the body needs to make efforts to get accustomed to them. Whereas, in liposculpture, natural fat from the body is being used and the body finds it easier to handle the changes in a much effective manner.

Risk Factors

Like any other surgical methods, there are some risk factors involved with facial liposculpture as well. Some of the most commonly found risk factors include excessive bruising, lumps in the skin, cracked skin surface, sunken cheeks, etc. Excessive bleeding, infection, and reaction towards anesthetics are some other rare side effects of this cosmetic surgery. However, if it is done by a skilled professional, then the chances of such side effects are quite less.

You should not take the decision of undergoing the surgery impulsively. Rather, take your time and talk to your friends and family before going for it. Most importantly, have an open discussion with your doctor regarding what you can expect at the end of the procedure. In this way you can avoid any future disappointments.