High Pressure Tanning Beds

High pressure tanning beds are a great way to get a darker tan for advanced tanning. They are much safer and effective than low pressure ones. This informative BeautiSecrets article will tell you all.
BeautiSecrets Staff
The tanning bed hysteria has taken all by storm, and everyone seems to be enjoying it. It is a device or machine that contains high voltage electrical lamps, emitting UV rays, just as the sun's rays, that tan your skin. They are preferred because you don't need to actually sun bath, instead just lie inside one, listen to your favorite music, and get tanned at the same time.
Commercial salons that provide this service have had great success. Tanning is now an essential way to maintain a healthy and stylish appearance. Tanning beds have advantages that you can use them in all types of weather. They are basically of two types - low pressure and high pressure. Low pressure ones are those in which the emitted UV rays are quite similar to sunlight. On the other hand, the high pressure ones emit higher proportion of UVA rays than the harmful UVB rays that are responsible for burning and other skin problems.
Using a tanning bed is quite simple. However, there can be a slight confusion between the two types of equipment. They are almost similar in terms of the principal involved. In high pressure bed, the lamps or bulbs are arranged in such a way that they point towards the body, stimulating melanin production that gives a darker tan. They are in demand because they contain radiation filters which filter out UVB rays, while letting enough shine to stimulate the melanocytes. This results in more of the UVA light reaching the melanin, providing a tan. This method has less risk of skin hazards than the low pressure beds which use a higher proportion of UVB rays.
You take at least 15 sessions to establish a good base tan while using low pressure tanning bed, i.e., two tanning sessions per week. The reason is, higher proportion of UVB dries out your skin and causes epidermis to regenerate itself faster, whereas in high pressure beds, much of UVB rays are filtered out, reducing the negative effect on epidermis. This holds your tan longer by keeping the skin moisturized. If using these, it takes only 3 to 5 sessions to acquire a base tan.
What makes high pressure tanning beds so effective is the fact that they don't use the traditional lamps that are made of phosphor coating. Instead, they use ultraviolet light quartz lamps. These lamps are attached at the backside of expensive glass filters, which only pass the rays that have a defined wavelength. Also, the gases packed inside the quartz lamps are packed at a pressure that is more than the normal atmospheric levels.
Although, these may seem a bit expensive, but they are the future of tanning industry. The prices will surely come down slowly, and they will become affordable. Till then, enjoy the experience in tanning bed salons.