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A Simple Guide for Beginners: How to Apply Eyeshadow Step-by-step

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step
Eyeshadow should match the color of your eyes and help them look more attractive. The following article will teach you how to apply eyeshadow step by step.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: May 2, 2018
Eyes are the windows to the soul and you can enhance their soulfulness by adding some colors with the help of makeup. One of the most important part of makeup for eyes is the eyeshadow. You need to employ the correct application technique and choose colors that will not only suit the color of your skin, but the shape of the eyes as well. The correct technique is very important to make your eyes look the way you want them to, either big, small, set apart, or set closely together. The right shades also help emphasize the eye color, the color of your clothes, and skin.
Different Types of Eyeshadow
These are very easy to apply and help add shimmer to the eye makeup. They are also useful as a base to other eyeshadow layers. They help produce a translucent wash of color on the eyes.
Powder eyeshadow
These come in a set of single or coordinated colors. They are very useful to accentuate the eyes. They are available in either pressed or loose powder forms and in a variety of colors.
Cream eyeshadow
These eyeshadow are very difficult to apply and can collect creases in the eyelids during the course of the day. You can apply this eyeshadow with your fingers or with a makeup sponge. The disadvantage with these is that you can never apply more than two colors at one time.
Pencil eyeshadow
One of the most convenient form of eyeshadow is the pencil. It is very easy to apply and can blend well.
Single Shade Application Technique
  1. Begin by applying a base, concealer, or foundation over your eyelids. These products are very useful in keeping the eyeshadow in place so that it lasts all day. Also, the base helps reveal the true colors of the makeup and helps it hold on to something without fading away.
  2. You should choose a damp flat-tipped brush to apply the powder eyeshadow evenly. Blend the base color with a large brush. For lighter colors, use a smaller brush. You should sweep the lightest shade over the entire eyelid. It should be swept from the lash line to the brow line to create a smudge-resistant base.
  3. Once you complete the application of the base and the lighter eyeshadow shade, apply the second color on the lower lid and blend it with the base color. The color should cover the entire lid, just above the crease. When you load the brush, remember to tap off the excess powder before application.
  4. When you want to apply a third color, you should choose a dark color that is applied along the lash line and the outer corners of the eyes with a damp brush. You should blend it slightly into the medium color and create depth.
  5. You can add shimmer to highlight your eyes for a night party. Blend the hard edges to create a perfect look.
  6. You can add an outline to your eyes by applying an eyeliner on the outer side of the upper and lower lids. You can taper a bit on the outer side of the eye to create an elongated look.
Two Shade Application Technique
A single color applied on the entire eyelid makes it look flat and plain, so you can add some depth and dimension to your eyes by applying two shades of eyeshadow. You can buy a variety of two-color eyeshadow palettes that are very useful for those who do not have the time to coordinate the color shades. Let us understand how to apply two shades of eyeshadow.
  1. Apply a base, concealer, or foundation to the eyelids from the lash line to the brow bone. This will help the color of your eyeshadow to brighten up.
  2. Now, apply a layer of the lighter eyeshadow on your palette from lash to crease with a flat-head brush. Using an eyeshadow crease brush, swirl in the darker shade and tap off the excess powder. Sweep it over the crease in a back-and-forth movement. You can lave the lower eyelids bare or intensify the makeup by sweeping the crease brush into the lash lines and transfer some darker eyeshadow into the bottom lids. Or you can simply skip this part and proceed further.
  3. Sweep the eyeshadow to the lower lash line and balance your eye makeup to minimize the top-heavy look. Using a fluffy brush, blend the color from the crease in upward direction just under the brow bone. This helps create a smoky effect. You can wipe the hair off the brush with a tissue and then dip it into the lighter color and apply it to the brow bone.
  4. Use a damp angled eyeliner brush into the darker shade and work the color into both the top and bottom lash lines. This helps intensifying the lash lines. Once the eyeshadow dries, use a cotton swab over the jagged edges to give a neat smudged look.
  5. You can add mascara to your eyeliner and complete the look. You can brush off the particles from under your eyes with a mid-size fluffy brush.
Applying Black Eyeshadow
Girl applying eyeshadow
Many women like to experiment with eyeshadow colors and try different looks. Black is a popular shade and is used in combination with neutral colors. Let us understand how to apply black eyeshadow.
  1. Swirl a large fluffy brush into the black eyeshadow. Tap the brush to remove excess powder.
  2. Apply the black eyeshadow on the lower lid from the lash to the crease of the lid. Dip your finger into the black eyeshadow and run it over the eyelid from the crease and continue towards the brow bone using long strokes.
  3. The color on the brow bone should reach the lightest gray shade such that it looks dark to light from the lower eyelids to the upper eyelids.
  4. Using a brush, blend in the eyeshadow to create a smooth transition of light to dark.
Applying Brown Eyeshadow
Applying Brown Eyeshadow
Brown eyeshadow has an earthy tone, which makes it one of the most wearable and versatile colors. Applying a brown eyeshadow will not give you a dull or boring look, instead you can create a natural and dramatic look.
  1. Choose a shade of brown that you want to wear, whether frosty, shimmery, or metallic brown. You can even choose a brown eyeshadow with a hint of another shade. There are also many brown shades available with some specks of glitter.
  2. Apply a primer on the lash line to the brow bone. Once it is absorbed, apply a base from the lash line to brow bone.
  3. You can rim your eyes with the brown shadow with the help of a small, stiff-angled brush. You can even use a flat-head brush to get a heavier effect. Apply the brown eyeshadow till the crease of the eyelid and use a damp brush before swirling it in the eyeshadow. You can brush away the hard edges in the brown eyeshadow with a fluffy brush. This helps create a smoky effect.
  4. Use a creamy black eyeliner into the base of the top eyelash line. You can smudge the eyeliner into the lower lash lines for some more drama.
  5. You can complete applying the brown eyeshadow by dabbing a highlighter on the brow bones and the inner corners of the eyes. Blend the highlighter in for a seamless finish. This will add some polish, texture, and dimension to your eye makeup.
When applying eyeshadow, choose colors that are complimentary to your complexion and eye color. Follow these simple steps given above and add some magic to your eyes.
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