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How to Spot Fake MAC Products

How to Spot Fake MAC Products
Although MAC is expensive, it is a popular and high-end makeup brand. There are many sellers and shopping sites that sell fake products. Understand how to spot fake MAC products from this BeautiSecrets article, and never buy and use them ever again.
Sheetal Mandora
Not just a cosmetics manufacturer.
MAC currently has 5 social initiative programs: MAC Cruelty-Free Beauty principle, Back to MAC Recycling program, MAC Kids Helping Kids greeting card program, MAC PRO program, and the MAC AIDS Fund.
Applying fake MAC products means chalky makeup, creases, low pigmentation, skin irritation, and so much more. We purchase the best makeup for ourselves so that we look our best for any occasion. It's true that sometimes money can be tight. And that gives many of us an excuse to search for our favorite makeup products at discounted prices. So, if you plan on purchasing MAC makeup online, other than MAC stores and their website, you need to be absolutely sure that it's not a counterfeit.
Real Vs. Fake – Who's to Say?
If you've never used MAC products before, it may be slightly difficult for you spot a fake instantly. To become a seasoned MAC shopper, here are a few easy-to-spot tips when buying the products online or anywhere other than their stores or website.
Always check the spelling and fonts.
Most of the time, a good way to ensure you're not getting fooled is to closely look at the text on the product. Fake items usually have spelling or grammatical errors on them. It may take you a bit of time, but it's always better to be absolutely positive. Apart from this, check for blurry or crooked text that looks off base than the original products. A good way to be able to tell the difference is to be familiar with the products itself; learn the collections that only MAC sells.
They always name their products, not number it.
If you've ever bought MAC blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, nail lacquers, compacts, etc., you'll know that each product has its own name. Let's talk about the eye shadows for a bit. The authentic piece will have a label that covers the bottom along with a funky, interesting name on it (i.e., All That Glitters, Espresso, Carbon, Shroom, Woodwinked). Plus, there is a batch code on top. As for the top part of the circular, clear plastic top, the font is fine and not thick. There is no bottom compartment that has a sponge applicator or mirror inside the top flap.
Limited number of shades available for eye shadow palettes.
Many online shopping sites claim to have 6, 12, 32, 120, or 180 MAC eye shadow shades in a palette. MAC rarely provides eye shadow palettes with more than 4 shadows; they only have a limited edition collections of such palettes. Plus, they don't come in a black square palette with a see-through lid and an applicator. The eye shadows in the palette should be powder-based, and not cream-based ones.

But that's not all. You can also verify the product's authenticity via weight. The MAC website has detailed information on the exact weight of each product. So, before you purchase one of these, do make sure to visit their website and know the names and weight of the eye shadows, lipsticks, etc., that you wish to buy.
The authenticity of MAC lipsticks should be known.
The tip of the lipstick has to be slanted, with a crisp point at the top. The surface will have a tear drop shape. The lipsticks come in a matte silver and black casing with a bit of shimmer. Similar to the unique names for the eye shadows, even MAC lipsticks have proper names (i.e., Bombshell, CB 96, Dubonnet, Hot Tahiti, Speak Louder). Now if you're looking at the VIVA GLAM lipsticks, there are only 6 shades in it. And every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM lipstick and lipgloss is donated to the MAC AIDS fund. Now tell me, who would want to purchase fake MAC cosmetics and lose out on the chance to do a good deed?
MAC brushes are unique.
There are different brushes for various applications for cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, face, lashes, and lips. You will find genuine MAC brushes with a black handle and silver ferrule. There's a MAC logo in silver, right above the number of the brush. The fiber used for the brushes are either natural, natural and synthetic blend, or synthetic. If you're not purchasing the brushes from MAC stores or their website, know that you can't buy their brushes in sets on any other online shopping site.
Lower than low prices for MAC products is a warning sign.
Of course, you can purchase MAC products at a discounted rate, but only when the company itself is selling it at their stores and website. Apart from this, you will find some discontinued products that may be sold on other shopping sites for a low price. However, that too can be fake, so beware. If the prices are too good to be true, ignore because it's always a trick.
If you can't spot fake MAC products while shopping online, ask for assistance. Speak to a trusted friend who knows the difference between real and fake MAC makeup. You don't want to be fooled into purchasing expensive (even though they claim it's cheap) makeup that is actually harming your skin and your wallet.
Even though the MAC line was designed specifically for professional makeup artists, it appeals to every demographic. No wonder their motto, all ages, all races, all sexes, stands true till this date. With this accurate image in mind, MAC has always kept itself ahead of the game. So, be on the lookout while purchasing MAC products, and know what's authentic.