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How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles

How to Take Vitamin K for Dark Circles

Vitamin K is very effective for treating dark circles, but how to take it? Keep reading this article to find the best ways to take vitamin K.
Hemangi Harankhedkar
Formation of dark circles around the eyes, especially at a young age is not a very good sign. Apart from making you look old, it makes you look like a tired soul! Dark circles trouble both men and women of all ages, and it is commonly seen in people in their late twenties and above. It is often considered as a sign of aging and fatigue.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Plenty of factors can cause this darkening of the skin. Mental stress due to lack of sleep, iron deficiency, over exposure to sun, and infection or allergies due to environmental factors are the most common ones. Genetics is also a factor that can cause unsightly circles under the eyes. Leakage in the capillaries below the eyes is another major reason. These capillaries leak hemoglobin which reacts with oxygen and turn into blue-black color. This blue-black color shows through the thin skin and gives the appearance of dark circles.

Vitamin K for Dark Circles Under Eyes

There are two main types of vitamin K - vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (menaquinone-n). Vitamin K1 is found in some food sources and the production of vitamin K2 is supplemented by bacteria in the small intestine. Vitamin K1 is abundantly available in green leafy vegetables and dairy products. There are 3 ways to take vitamin K to treat dark circles. They are: through a diet, use of eye creams, and supplements.

Apart from the other factors, deficiency of vitamin K in the diet is also a reason for dark circles. Vitamin K helps heal the dark circles, and repairs the damaged skin. All fruits, vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, eggs and dairy products are good sources of vitamin K. Green tea, kale, Brussels sprouts, coriander leaves, pistachio nuts, raw avocados, cucumber skin, soybeans are also rich in vitamin K. These foods should be a part of the daily diet to help repair the dark circles.

Vitamin K Based Eye Creams
There are many vitamin K based creams available in stores, that you can make use of to reduce the dark circles. These eye creams should generally be applied daily at night. Daily massage with these creams strengthens the capillary walls, and reduces the darkness under the eyes. Buy creams from brands that have a good percentage of vitamin K. Consistent use of these creams repairs the damaged capillary walls.

Vitamin K Supplements
Many people prefer to use vitamin K supplements which are mostly available in capsule or tablet form. This is an easy and proven way to treat dark circles. But always use these supplements after consulting your doctor to avail the benefits of the same. These supplements have excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which target the healing of aging skin.

To reduce dark circles, apart from using vitamin K, one should get a good night's sleep, and follow a proper diet rich in all the nutrients. Other vitamins, especially vitamin A also help in reducing dark circles. So to keep them at bay, have a diet rich in all nutrients, along with a balanced and healthy lifestyle.