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How to Use Lemon Juice for Stretch Marks

How to Use Lemon Juice for Stretch Marks

Lemon juice is considered an effective remedy for stretch marks. Read on for more information about the use of lemon juice for stretch marks.
Sonia Nair
One of the common beauty concerns, stretch marks may develop in both males and females. This skin condition can be caused by various reasons, like, sudden weight gain or weight loss, use of certain medications, pregnancy, etc. Medically known as striae gravidarum, stretch marks are caused by over stretching of the skin that results in dermal layer tears. Even healing of these tears does not rectify the condition, as the collagen fibers fail to align properly, leading to stretch marks. So, occurrence of stretch marks is a normal bodily technique of rectifying damage caused by tearing of dermal layers. The common locations that are prone to develop stretch marks include hips, belly, breasts, thighs, buttocks, lower back and upper arms. It can also be said that stretch marks are mostly found in areas with fat deposits. While, these marks may fade with time, there are very less chances that they disappear completely. But, don't lose heart! There are some remedies that can be used for lightening these marks. Lemon juice is one of the popular stretch mark remedies.

Using Lemon Juice for Stretch Marks

Natural beauty aids have always been preferred to commercial ones. Most of the natural products are easily available and are completely free of side effects. Lemon juice is one of those versatile natural products that have been used for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes, since time immemorial. It is rich in vitamin C and other nutrients as well as antioxidants and is highly valued for both skin and hair care. Apart from being a good bleaching agent and exfoliant, lemon juice is also said to be capable of fighting bacteria. It is used as such or in combination with other natural products like aloe vera, milk, honey, almonds and various other things. Most of us have a basic understanding about the use of lemon as a beauty aid.

As far as stretch marks are concerned, the acids in lemon juice are said to act on the scars and fade them. Lemon juice can be applied directly on the marks or can be added to other skin care products, like body lotions or moisturizer. The following are some tips about using lemon juice for stretch marks.
  • One of the easiest methods is to rub lemon juice on the stretch marks and leave it to dry, before rinsing. You may also keep it overnight, as it is not found to cause stains on clothes. Repeat this daily, for best results.
  • Another method is to mix equal amounts of cucumber juice and lemon juice for application on stretch marks. This method is also said to be effective in getting rid of stretch marks.
  • You may use olive oil along with lemon juice, as a stretch mark remedy. All you have to do is to mix one teaspoon each of olive oil and vitamin E oil along with half teaspoon of lemon juice. This mixture has to be applied on stretch marks and allowed to dry, before wiping. Repeat it twice a day for at least a month.
  • It is said that exfoliating the skin, just before application of lemon juice may be more effective in getting rid of stretch marks. As the lemon juice gets dry, apply an emollient, like, cocoa butter.
  • You may also use a mixture of lemon juice with olive oil for application on stretch marks. Cocoa butter or aloe vera gel can be used as replacement for olive oil.
The above said is a brief overview about how to get rid of stretch marks with lemon juice. You may try any of the following methods, if you are interested in using lemon juice as a stretch marks remedy. It has been observed that long-term and regular use of lemon juice is effective in lightening stretch marks. It is also not found to cause any side effects in the users, except those with citrus allergy.