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Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Dyeing eyelashes to make them look darker thus providing the effect of mascara is called eyelash tinting. The safety of the procedure has been discussed in detail in the article...
Hemangi Harankhedkar
There are many women who look at eyelash tinting as a good option for its multitude of benefits. In simple terms, it is semi-permanent eyelash makeup that gives the same effect as applying a mascara. The procedure will give your eyelashes a thicker and longer look, making them beautiful. Perhaps after the tinting procedure you will save a lot of your makeup time and will not have to go through the hardships of applying mascara. Though this sounds attractive, you cannot ignore the fact that the procedure is not FDA approved. The various safety factors have been considered in this article.

Every woman desires long and thick eyelashes as it enhances one's beauty. Mascara is the most popular option that serves the purpose. But it takes quite some time to apply mascara and the effect is temporary (just for a few hours). Moreover people who are makeup sensitive cannot use mascara. It is thus a very good option for such people, because it is waterproof, can be done as per your choice of color, is semi-permanent and smudge-proof.

How Safe is it

The factors discussed above make tinting eyelashes a tempting option at a first go. But the fact that the FDA prohibits the use of color dye for eye tinting cannot be sidelined. In spite of the FDA ban there are plenty of beauty salons that offer the services. Tinting can also be done at home. It is a quick procedure that takes no more than twenty minutes to complete. Applying color dye on the eyelashes and then rubbing it off with cotton after the desired time is the simple technique. But harmful effects can result if the dye used is not proper or if the safety guidelines are not followed.

Eyelash tinting can be a dangerous business if it is not done with care and under proper precautionary measures. In a few minor and haphazardly carried out procedures it has even led to blindness in the person. If the safety guidelines are not followed the dye can enter into the eyes causing irritation, infection or swelling. These effects are scary and will make it a far from considerable option. But with the result it guarantees you might get tempted to try it. Under this case, you need to consider some factors that we have discussed below.

Search for salons and you will come across plenty of places that offer the service. This might confuse you about choosing the right place. You should thus consult your acquaintances about finding the best place that offers the services. If not go for salons that are well established, reputed and are carrying out the procedure since long time. This will guarantee maximum safety of the procedure.

It has been found that people with sensitive skin or those using contact lenses are more susceptible to the effects we have discussed above. Thus before the actual procedure make sure you do the test to check the sensitivity of the color dye on your skin. You should stay away from the procedure if you experience sensitivity to the dye as this results in the above side effects.

There is no guarantee of the safety of this procedure. Trying it at home is not recommended and if you are tempted to try it, you should go through all the safety guidelines. But the best advice for maximum safety would be carrying out the procedure under the surveillance of an expert only. The result in the form of beautiful eyelashes is definitely guaranteed but the safety will always remain questioned. Thus go for the procedure only if you really are tired of mascara and need a kind of permanent effect for thick eyelashes. Stay safe...