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Liquid Foundation Brush Reviews

Liquid Foundation Brush Reviews

This article provide a list of good brands of foundation brushes that you can opt to buy. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
The choice of a foundation brush matters the most for applying a liquid foundation on your face. The nature of the bristles, the method of application and the type of foundation used, further counterbalance your overall appearance. Foundation brushes come in different shapes and sizes and you can select one according to the type of foundation you are using. The bristles should be smooth and soft for applying a liquid foundation while you can use a little coarse brush for powder foundation. A flat or a round Kabuki brush could be used for applying any type of makeup.

You should go through the reviews and opinions of consumers before purchasing a foundation brush. There are ample brands available in the market amongst which you can choose from. We have provided you the product descriptions of the best liquid foundation brushes in the following content. Take a look.

Mac 190 Foundation Brush
A brush is quite handy which has a round shape with a sleek and thin handle. The bristles are densely packed allowing the liquid to glide on smoothly on your face. It's a paddle shaped brush and the broad round end gives a full coverage on your face. You can blend the foundation well with this brush all over your face. The only thing that you need to take care of is, not to halt while applying the makeup. You have to keep the brush moist and use it continuously until the makeup is over.

Sephora Liquid Foundation Brush
One of the leading producers of high quality foundation brushes is the brand Sephora. I.T. (Intelligent Tools) Natural Foundation Brush, uses ultra soft technology, producing high-definition results. The bright colored handles are extremely feminine and the bristles are impeccably smooth and flawless. You can also look for Sephora Professionnel Platinum Air Brush, which is also of high quality. Products of Sephora are a little pricey, but if you compare them with the quality, then they are worth purchasing.

Chanel Le Pinceau Teint Foundation Brush
Liquid foundation brushes from Chanel are popular among women since a long time owing to their style and quality. It's a synthetic nylon brush that should be looked after well while using or after using. The platinum or golden colored brush in a touch of jet black looks classy. The fibers are 'high tech', ensuring perfect blend of the foundation on your face. You can purchase a makeup brush cleaner or use a mild shampoo for rinsing traces of foundation from the bristles.

Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation Brush
People say that, you can achieve flawless foundation application with this brush. The handle is short and you can carry it in your purse. The round brush has closely packed synthetic bristles that render a uniform look to your face. It's a lightweight brush and the quality of the bristles is no doubt excellent. It gives you a polished look when used correctly. Dip the brush into the liquid foundation and apply smooth strokes all over your face. The product is popular as 'Bobbi Brown No Color One Size Foundation Brush.'

Some Other Products
Apart from these, there are other products also that come in cost affordable prices and are of good quality. You can take a look at the brands listed below in any online shopping portal or in cosmetic stores.
  • Japonesque Point Foundation Brush
  • Paula Dorf Foundation Brush
  • Estee Lauder Foundation Brush
  • Bella Pierre Foundation Brush
  • Revlon Foundation Brush
  • Garden Botanika Foundation Brush
  • Ecotools Foundation Brush
  • Urban Decay Foundation Brush
  • Body & Soul Foundation Brush
  • Shu Uemura Synthetic Foundation Brush
While checking liquid foundation brush reviews, compare the prices of different products with the quality. Study the features pertaining to the texture and the material of the bristles. Prefer using a round top brush instead of pointed ends. Take care of the brush and keep it clean for retaining its quality for a long time.