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Liquid Foundation Vs. Powder Foundation - Let Your Skin Decide

Liquid Foundation Vs. Powder Foundation
Not every women is blessed with a flawless and radiant complexion and as such a good makeup foundation becomes necessary to camouflage dark spots and uneven skin tone. But which foundation do you choose, liquid or powder? Here we will discuss the difference between powder foundation and liquid foundation.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
The key to creating a perfect dewy complexion that looks natural and smooth is to apply the right foundation with the right technique. If you go to any supermarket or beauty store you will see a dizzying array of foundation in different formulation. Choosing one that is going to work for your skin type is very important as the wrong formulation can make your skin look patchy and dull. 
Foundation are basically of two types, liquid and powder. But nowadays there are many other formulations that are available like cream-to-powder and liquid-to-powder. Before you choose a foundation, you need to know how these foundation formulations differ from each other and for which skin type are they most suitable. Here, we will discuss how each of these formulation works and how to choose one that is just right for you.
Difference Between Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation
Liquid foundation, as the name suggests, comes in a liquid formulation that is easy to blend on the skin. Powder foundation consists of loose powder or compact that has be to brushed on to the skin with a makeup brush. As you can see, the main point of difference between liquid and powder foundation lies in its consistency. Powder foundation is much lighter than liquid foundation and is easy to apply as well. Liquid foundation on the other hand, tends to be heavy and thick and you need to blend it on your skin carefully to achieve a natural look. Let us look at the main difference between a liquid foundation and a powder foundation.
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation provides very good and even coverage and helps you to camouflage uneven skin tone, blemishes, freckles and dark spots. Because of its creamy formulation, you can apply it evenly with a sponge to mask any skin issues.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation gives you medium to light coverage and is ideal for you if you have very minor skin issues like freckles and redness. It is very light and as such gives a lighter coverage.
2.Ease of Application
Liquid Foundation
Although many women claim that liquid foundation is easy to apply, if you do not master the skills required for application, you face can look streaky. Blending the foundation properly is the key to making liquid foundation work and this can take some time and effort.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation is very easy to apply and most powder foundations comes with a makeup foundation brush. Even a novice who is applying foundation for the first time can use powder foundation as it does not require too much blending.
3.Lasting Power
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation lasts for six to eight hours without streaking, depending on the brand you are using. However if you are going to work out or you live in a place which has high humidity, liquid foundation can run off causing streaking on your face.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation does not last as long as liquid foundation, although mineral powder foundation does last a lot longer. Frequent touch ups (two to three times a day) is required, if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh and radiant.
4.Skin Type Suitability
Liquid Foundation
Liquid foundation is suitable for normal to dry skin as it is an emollient that has moisturizing properties. It hydrates the skin and gives it a natural glow and radiance. Unlike powder foundation which settles on fine lines of the skin, liquid foundation smoothens the skin and as such is ideal for mature skin.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation is suitable for women who have oily or acne prone skin as it is light and non comedogenic. It does not get absorbed into the skin and as such it does not clog pores. It soaks up excess oils from the skin and gives a matt and shine free look.
These were some differences between liquid and powder foundation. If you are wondering which foundation is better, there is no clear winner or loser. The type of foundation that works on your skin might not be suitable for another. Remember that the purpose of a foundation is to give you a smooth and even skin tone and not to change it entirely. So choose a foundation formulation that helps you achieve a luminous and glowing skin that looks naturally radiant.
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