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Mini Face Lift Prices

Mini Face Lift Prices

Mini face lift is the least invasive type of facelift, which is a good alternative to the full face lift for people with premature aging. The only difference between mini and full face lift is the omission of the neck lift in the mini lift procedure.
Medha Godbole
The weekend face lift has been the buzzword since quite sometime for 40 something or older. Less evasive and extensive than a proper face lift surgery, more and more women are going for this. It is fast, convenient, and heals faster. Moreover, anything to look younger, right? That is the reason why women have been floored by this smaller cousin of a full face lift. What's more, the cost of this procedure is much less than a full-fledged surgical procedure. Although if you have made up your mind to get either of these done, the cost should not be a factor. Still, let us take a look at the prices of mini face lifts.

What is a Mini Face Lift

Mini face lifts are mainly done for tightening the skin of the lower area of the face that is the neck, chin, or the jowls. These are mostly the problem areas which become prominent during the aging process. There are basically 2 types of mini face lifts, namely, anterior and posterior face lift. The basic process is that the surgeon makes an incision either in front of the ear or behind it. Then, the skin is pulled, tightened, and sutured. All this takes around 90 minutes and later it takes a week or two for healing (which is why it is called a weekend face lift). The results last for around 5 to 7 years according to the physicians.

How Much Does a Mini Face lift Cost?

The average cost of a mini face lift is around USD 5,000. On the lower side, it is around USD 3,500, and it can go up to USD 7,000. So, when you compare it with a standard face lift surgery, it is very cheap. It of course varies with each particular case. The upper limit of a mini face lift is where the standard face lift price starts. All the same, there are a number of factors that influence this price, and they have been described by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Some of the prominent factors are the surgeon's fees, facility fee, medication, and surgical garments.

The surgeon's charges depend on the location of his or her clinic, reputation, and demand. The more reputed the surgeon, the higher the fees. Likewise, a lesser known surgeon with a clinic in not a very posh or upmarket area is most likely to cost less. Moreover, when it comes to the hospital stay, it is not required post a mini face lift surgery. Moreover, only topical anesthesia is used as against the proper anesthesia. You will however have to pay for medication, post face lift care, surgical garments, and medical testing. Similar factors determine the standard face lift prices.

Other Cost Considerations

After reading about mini face lift prices, you might think twice about going for that little nip and tuck of your face. But if you feel it is necessary and you cannot do without it, you have a number of options. Yes, even if you are cash strapped! Although mini face lifts are not covered by medical insurance as these are considered to be cosmetic procedures, there are ways to sort the financial things out. These days a number of surgeons are generous enough to offer some affordable financing alternatives. These can be monthly payment plans, which divide the charges over a period of a year or several years. This can be talked about in the primary consultation with the surgeon. So, you need not let the lack of money deprive you from looking younger!

However, before you decide to go for this surgery, please make sure that you research the pros and cons of it well and then take the decision, after consulting a specialist.