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Most Popular Biodegradable Sunscreen Brands

Most Popular Biodegradable Sunscreen Brands

Swimmers and divers around the world know that a sunscreen is an essential skin protection for water excursions. But they are totally oblivious to the detrimental effect it has on our fragile marine ecosystems. In this BeautiSecrets article, learn about some popular biodegradable sunscreen brands that lend themselves as a non-toxic solution to our skin and planet, alike.
Sai Kardile
Beaches in Spain like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Garrafon Park, Chankanaab Park, and the protected marine park in Cozumel have instituted a law that requires scuba divers and snorkelers to wear biodegradable sunscreen.

It's a common fallacy that biodegradable sunscreens come in a packaging that is environmentally friendly. But it has nothing to do with the packaging but ingredients. The biggest difference between a biodegradable and a regular sunscreen is, that a biodegradable one does not contain chemicals and oils that have hazardous repercussions on aquatic life and coral reefs.

Non-biodegradable sunscreens include chemicals like octinoxate, oxybenzone, 4-methylbenzylidene, camphor, PABA, butylparaben, etc. which are responsible for a host of adverse effects like suffocation of reefs, and coral bleaching. They promote viral infections and act as hormone disruptors which can feminize fish!

Every year, tons of sunscreen washes away from the swimmers' bodies which then settles on reefs and other aquatic life forms and poses a grave threat to their survival. In a bid to minimize the aforementioned detrimental effects on marine life, many companies have come forth with sunscreens and other skin products that offer the same benefits of a regular SPF sunscreen minus the harmful chemicals.

Given below are some of the most popular biodegradable sunscreen brands.

1. Mexitan

Mexitan offers a wide selection of skin protection 'biodegradable' products that are approved by many snorkeling locations and beaches. From sunscreen sticks to lip sunscreens to sunscreen lotions, you can avail of environmentally viable products that work best for both your skin and the marine life.

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2. All Terrain

All Terrain sunscreen products are Oxybenzone and paraben-free. Their sunscreen products contain the active sunscreen agent, non-nano zinc oxide that ensures skin protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. All Terrain's products are natural, less-whitening, and safe for use by both adults and kids.

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3. Tropical Seas

Your ultimate essential for tropical excursions, Tropical Seas Reef Safe suncare range of products includes sunscreen lotion, burn cooler, after sun moisturizer, sprayable SPF, tanning lotion, and many more. These offer protection and nourishment to the skin by making use of non-toxic chemicals.

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4. Badger

Badger sunscreen range for babies and kids, and the Badger Active and Badger Sport sunscreens offer broad-spectrum protection and are formulated using the non-nano zinc oxide technology. The Badger website spells out all the necessary details concerning biodegradability of sunscreens, broad-spectrum sunscreens, natural ingredients, etc.

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5. Caribbean Solutions

Another best biodegradable sunscreen brand, Caribbean Solutions is a great choice for those who care for our planet as much as their own skin. Biodegradable sunscreens from Caribbean Solutions provide broad-spectrum protection to the wearers. Formulated without harsh chemicals, Caribbean Solutions biodegradable sunscreen products use non-nano technology and are not tested on animals.

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Soleo Organics, Nature's Gate, Kiss My Face, Lavera, and UV Natural are some other names in the list of biodegradable sunscreen brands.

Non-nano or micronized zinc oxide is a safe ingredient used by many popular biodegradable sunscreen brands. It works as a superb broad-spectrum blocker which protects the skin from UVA, UVB, and even UVC rays and does not penetrate the skin, unlike nano particles (nano particles enter the blood stream and can cause serious organ damage).

So, before embarking on a tropical journey, make sure you buy a sunscreen labeled as 'biodegradable', as it will care for the health of both you and our planet.