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Natural Skin Care for Dry Skin

Natural Skin Care for Dry Skin

Skin dryness is caused by the excessive loss of moisture. Many factors, including dry weather, use of harsh soaps, nutritional deficiencies, and some underlying health problems can make your skin dry. Find out more about what causes dry skin, and a few natural products that can help make your skin soft and supple, in this BeautiSecrets article.
Chandramita Bora
The lack of moisture can make your skin dry, dull, and chapped or cracked. Dry skin can easily lose its suppleness, and become more prone to develop premature wrinkles and fine lines. Skin dryness can be caused by the loss of moisture or sebum, due to overwashing and the use of harsh soaps.

Sometimes, the weather can also take a toll on your skin. The dry winter weather can make your skin dry and dull. Apart from these, skin disorders like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema can also cause skin dryness. Even disorders of the kidney, liver problems, and diabetes can be associated with this skin condition. In addition to these, medications like diuretics and antihistamines can make your skin dry and rough.

Dry Skin Care

A number of natural remedies can be used for alleviating skin dryness. One such remedy is almond oil which is widely used in cosmetics for its moisturizing properties. This oil can be easily absorbed by the skin and is ideal for curing skin dryness. It can also alleviate irritation, itching, and inflammation associated with dry skin.

Another natural remedy is lemon oil, which is rich in vitamin C. It is beneficial for dry skin conditions and skin problems like acne. It can kill germs and protect your skin from infections. It can also rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells. Avocado oil is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, and is easily absorbed by the skin. It can soften and soothe the dry and dull skin.

A mixture of honey, eggs, olive oil, and rose water can also be applied on dry skin to make it smooth and supple. A paste of egg yolk, honey, and milk powder can work wonders for your skin. Honey can also be applied alone, as it is an excellent toner that can enhance your complexion. A paste of cucumber can moisturize and soften your skin.

Dry skin is more prone to some skin problems, like itching, cracking, and premature wrinkles. Therefore, it needs special care and protection. If you have dry skin, then never use hot water on your skin. Do not use rough fabric for wiping your skin. Instead, use lukewarm water to clean your face, and a soft cotton cloth for wiping or rubbing your skin. Do not use a harsh soap, as it can make your skin extremely dry and cause irritation. After cleaning the skin, a gentle moisturizer should be applied to compensate the loss of moisture.

In addition to all these natural remedies, what is equally important is to follow a balanced diet, as skin dryness can be associated with nutritional deficiencies as well. People having dry skin should avoid junk food, and fried or dry food. Rather, they should consume more green vegetables, fresh fruits, carbohydrates, cereals, and milk and dairy products.