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Organic Face Cream

Organic Face Cream

Amidst rising pollution levels and climatic changes that adversely affect skin texture, organic face creams come as a welcome relief. Today, there are a number of skin care products in the global market, but by far, the organic variety is most sought after on account of the natural ingredients used.
Gaynor Borade
The global market for skin care products offers dedicated clientèle thousands of options to consider. The awareness towards the wholesome goodness of organic ingredients has resulted in some really baseless claims by manufacturers of skin care products. This calls for a thorough investigation by consumers on the actual presence and proportion of refined micro-nutrients and highly synthesized ingredients that these products claim to provide. However, at the same time, there are genuine ones available that do offer sensitive skin the advantage of hydrating molecules, specially derived after dedicated research.

Organic face creams and cosmetics are made from certified natural ingredients and essential oils that are awarded therapeutic grades. Most of the genuine products are handmade, without the use of any chemicals or artificial additives. The products are designed to remove toxins and regenerate facial skin. The use of living nutrients like antioxidants, aromatherapy oils, and essential fatty acids not only help to detoxify the skin, but also help to repair worn elastin fibers and damaged collagen.


Genuinely organic face creams are made with certified oils of soy, coconut, virgin olive, cocoa butter, macadamia nut, hemp, aloe vera, and jojoba, among a host of other quality therapeutic essential oils. Many of the products also make the goodness of flower power, lavender, basil, lime, rose, passion flower, and the likes, available at affordable prices. Face creams that are 100% organic comprise concoctions of certified natural ingredients. They are marketed in the form of balms, salves, facial serums, and toners. These products are handcrafted quality products, that rejuvenate the skin with the liberal use of cold pressed natural oils and natural raw materials, like shea butter and essential plant nutrients.


The products are aimed at skin care via detoxification, the process by which toxins or skin poisons are removed. The ingredients are carefully chosen for each skin type. The range of products cater to dry and oily skin types, and even the gentle exfoliation of dead skin. Many organic skin care products are now being marketed in 'packs' that comprise two or more products. The product combinations are created to address the persistent exposure to free radicals and harsh UV light.

The choice of flower or fruit oils depends on the person's skin texture, extent of damage already done to the natural skin elasticity, and its level of moisture. Organic face creams are known to work wonders on complexion, skin-tone, acne, and blemishes. The laboratories that churn out these products conduct extensive research on the effect of vitamins and minerals on certain skin conditions. The organic skin nutrients chosen help the skin to first naturally detox and then retain a nourished glow through a detoxification process, that is gradual and guaranteed.

Organic face creams are replete with antioxidant vitamins, the beta-carotene advantage, as well as the oils and juices of naturally farmed fruits and vegetables. The incorporated enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, minus harmful pesticides, ensure the proper functioning of the facial skin cells. These products not only help to remove dead, facial skin cells on a daily basis, but also stimulate the natural skin renewal process. They contain natural ingredients that offer sensitive skin types healthier alternatives.

Green Power

The green movement that has given men and women around the world 'organic' face creams has actually been around for centuries. People have, since the first attempts at beautification, experimented with the natural extracts of flowers, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Today, the demand for uncompromising quality and eco-efficient practices to enhance the truly organic product range has once again reverted to the age-old 'green-power' empowerment. The deliberate elimination of petrochemicals and the extensive use of natural oils and butters, help to enrich oil-deficient skin types and refurbish the essential oil and water skin balance.