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Photofacial Side Effects

Photofacial is one of the skin treatment methods that helps to enhance and accentuate one's beauty. However, a lot of people experience side effects. This article provides some information on the same.
BeautiSecrets Staff
There are so many cosmetics and beauty treatments that promise to make one look younger, beautiful, and fair. Photofacial is one such skin treatment. Though the side effects are well-known, it has become a rage among beauty conscious people. More and more people are visiting photofacial clinics to rejuvenate their skin and appearance. It is an offshoot of laser treatment, in which the damaged skin is treated with gentle pulsed light. This treatment is known to make the skin youthful as it cures fine lines, acne, spider veins, pigmentation, scars, and sunburns caused by the harsh UV rays.
This treatment uses the latest technology fluorescent pulsed light system, that unlike laser, penetrates deep inside the skin. It results in the growth of new collagen and connective tissues, that makes the skin smooth and clean. To avail this treatment, one would have to take an appointment with a professional working in this field. He/she would first examine the skin and accordingly decide the intensity of light for treating the skin. Further, he/she would also decide the number of sessions that one would require in order to complete their treatment. One may have to pay frequent visits to the clinic, say every alternate day across a week. A single session of this treatment would last for about 25-35 minutes. People with moderate skin problems would have to go for 5-8 sittings, but if the problem is severe and widespread, then the individual may need more sittings as prescribed.
Side Effects
This treatment can be painful, as the pulsed light would feel like a hurting snapped rubber band. However, the pain withers in some time after the treatment. It is a good substitute for surgical methods for those who do not wish to have scars or marks that cosmetic surgery leaves. It is known to have a proven track record of being safe and successful. And it's effects are considered to be long-lasting. The benefits of this treatment covers the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology. It helps in repairing small blood vessels in the facial area that promotes blood circulation resulting in a glowing skin. Sometimes, doctors may choose to combine this treatment with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other facial skin treatments to get better results. All the additional treatments work on the outer level of the skin, whereas, photofacial works on the inner level of skin and hence the combined treatments can be performed simultaneously.
Many people overlook the risks associated with this treatment, as the benefits of this treatment are believed to outweigh the risks. However, it is necessary to be aware of the side effects that could lead to additional facial skin problems.
Short-Term Side Effects
Redness: After the treatment, some people may experience redness on the skin which was exposed to pulsed light. In some cases, the redness would reduce in some time, while in others, it may persist for a couple of days.
Swelling: Some people also experience swelling in the affected area. It is the reaction of the skin to the burning sensation. In such cases, one can compress it with ice which would generally solve the problem. If it persists for many days, then consult the doctor immediately.
Blisters: Some people also experience blisters on the skin. This occurs due to the reaction between the low energy light and blood cells in the skin. They may go off after a certain period of time. This happens right after one receives the treatment.
Long-Term Side Effects
Blistering and Bleeding: In some cases, the bleeding and blistering is experienced frequently, even after many days of the treatment. This can be very painful and annoying, and a visit to the doctor is recommended in this case.
Hyper and Hypopigmentation: After the treatment, some people may experience hyper or hypopigmentation. Change in skin pigmentation is one of the dangers. In hyperpigmentation, the skin color is darkened and in hypopigmentation the skin color lightens. Any type of pigmentation would look unusual on the skin, and would take away the evenness of the skin, thereby making it look patchy.
Scars: In rare cases, this treatment may leave some terrible scars, that make one look out of place. Though it is one of the rare side effects, it is important to get rid of the ugly scars, as soon as possible.
To avoid any such side effects, it is better to get treated by a certified doctor and under expert guidance. He/she would study the medical history and then determine the course of treatment, that reduces the chances of getting affected by any of the bad effects.
Today, the markets are overflowing with cosmetic products, treatments, and devices, that often make false promises to fight aging and enhance one's beauty. With the help of advertising gimmick, the manufacturers of such products avoid mentioning the risks associated with them. Photofacial treatment is one technique that uses new technology to make one look beautiful. However, it is always better to not fall for fancy products and skin treatments. Moreover, verify everything with the concerned doctor so as to avoid the harmful side effects.
Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.