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Pomade Acne

You've got a great hairstyle by using pomade, but the undesired aftermath, pomade acne, plagued you. Worry not. There's a fool-proof solution. You just need to scroll down and read the content that is to follow...
Veethi Telang
Out of nowhere. With no reason. Acne is, perhaps, the most annoying thing one can have on their skin, and pomade acne, is a level up a notch. Attacks forehead straightaway. Makes me wonder, how easy was my life when words like skin disorders, allergies, rashes, etcetera etcetera, did not exist. Childhood made me content about myself.
However, like all good things come to an end, so did the childhood. Stress hovered, depression surfaced, and time spent in front of the mirror kept on increasing. Aging brought about its own kind of skin problems, most irritating of which is pomade acne. The following words are an attempt towards answering all about this form of acne and its removal. Permanently.
Pomade Acne Explained
Brief and aboveboard, pomade acne is caused due to excessive usage of pomade, a hair styling product, often used to force particular kind of hair into a molded shape. Teenagers, mostly the fanatical ones, tend to adopt varied hairstyles, thus, ending up using excessive hair styling products, irrespective of the harsh chemical content in them.
One such oily hair treatment is pomade, usage of which may lead to severe acne breakouts. No doubt, this is an amazing product, and helps maintaining any and every hairstyle you want to don for long, however, only if you're ready to face the dreadful aftermaths of using this product.
Pomade, if used excessively, ends in acne breakouts on the scalp, temples, forehead, and hairline. In other words, it tends to cause acne wherever it comes in contact with your skin. Pomade, as the attributes of this product symbolize, comprises heavy oils that are capable of clogging pores. Moreover, a number of chemicals present in this product can lead to inflammation of pomade acne.
Black skin is a dupe of this type of acne, as pomade, when used on black skin is seen to cause hyperpigmentation, with no usual remedies being effective enough. Dermabrasion is the only effective treatment in this case, which brings me to talk about the treatment one needs to go for, in case of severe pomade acne. The following section sheds light on various methods of such scar removal.
If you ask me, the first thing that I'd suggest for treatment of pomade acne would be permanently stopping usage of pomade for hair-styling. At least, it wouldn't aggravate the already critical situation of acne on your scalp and forehead.
Secondly, it is more than difficult for you to forfeit pomade, start using this hair product an inch above the scalp, towards the ends of the hair strands. Avoid any kind of contact with your scalp and hairline, in order to keep away the acne from worsening the condition.
Lastly, for quick results, use benzoyl peroxide gel for treating acne on forehead. However, it does make your skin a bit dry, and may leave acne scars too. In such a case, pomade acne needs to be cured like any other acne on skin. If the condition doesn't seem to be under control, the following home remedies is what you need to bring into use.
  • Aloe vera gel is an effective remedy, and undoubtedly, the best natural acne cure. Apply aloe vera gel onto the affected area, and do it regularly. It gives result faster than any other home remedy, and doesn't even leave scars.
  • Honey and turmeric is another great cystic acne home remedy, amazingly effective on pomade acne too.
  • Lemon juice, undoubtedly, serves as a counter to pomade acne. Capable of curing acne overnight, lemon juice, if mixed with rose water, and applied and kept overnight, proves to be a wonderful remedy for the treatment of pomade acne.
It is but natural for young teenagers and adults to fall for hair and skin products that give away astonishing results in the nick of time. Pomade is one such product which, when applied, effectively transforms your overall look. However, it comes with its own set of dos and don'ts which, if not followed, can make life miserable. Those dupe of pomade acne need to be aware of the aftermaths of this product, and then act wise.