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Skin Bleaching Cream for African-Americans

This article explains whether skin bleaching creams for African-Americans really help in whitening the skin, in dark spot reduction, or lightening of the skin tone, and which are the best creams available in the market.
BeautiSecrets Staff
You must have followed the controversies related to American recording artist Beyonce Knowles over the years. Whenever her new photographs are out, people's attention is focused on her skin tone. Many magazines have been accused of lightening her skin tone digitally to make her skin look fairer. African-Americans have a skin tone that ranges from lighter to darker shades of brown. There are some people who make use of bleaching creams to lighten their skin tone, Michael Jackson being one example.
When to Use Skin Bleaching Creams
The presence of the pigment melanin in the skin decides the skin color. In African-Americans, hyperpigmentation is very common, which is a cosmetic condition that results in dark or black spots. If you have such a problem, then you can use a bleaching or fade cream to reduce the pigmentation. Also, dark spots can be a result of acne, sunburn, inflammation, and scars from skin injuries, making the skin tone or complexion uneven. Only in such circumstances is it advisable to use skin bleaching creams. However, if your skin tone is even and without any observed pigments or scars, then all those catchy skin bleaching cream advertisements for dark skin or for African-Americans' are nothing but marketing tactics to sell products, and you do not need them. Although they might add a glow to your skin or may slightly speed up the lightening process, complete whitening using a skin bleaching cream is not possible. You will need to undergo plastic surgery to whiten your skin, which is not a good idea at all. Black skin is beautiful as well. Beauty does not depend on the color of your skin. Even dark skin can be glowing.
Popular Market Brands
There are hundreds of skin bleaching creams available in market for dark skinned African-Americans. However, there is no clear evidence that these creams have worked. The following is a list of some of the skin bleaching cream brands for scars and dark spots caused due to acne, cuts, or sunburn.
  • Makari Skin Lightening Cream
  • MaMa Lotion
  • Avon Anew Luminosity Ultra
  • Ambi Fade Cream
  • Fair and Flawless
  • Palmer's Skin Success Fade Cream
  • Reviva Labs Fade Cream
These are some of the better skin bleaching creams available in the market, with mixed reviews, as is common for any skin product. From all the products listed above, Makari skin cream is one of the best bleaching creams for African-Americans. It is basically a complexion enhancing cream made from caviar, which aids in brightening your skin safely and naturally. It is a non-bleach cream which works gradually, without the use of toxic chemicals. It is free from hydroquinone, a compound whose approval has been revoked by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), terming it as a potential carcinogen (element causing cancer). Also, there are many companies like Fair and Flawless, who advocate producing custom-made whiting gels depending upon the individual's skin tone and demands. These creams will have a better effect only if your diet is proper with adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, and you should also drink plenty of water. It hydrates the skin and helps replace the dead skin cells with new, healthy ones.
What are the Side Effects
These skin bleaching creams carry the risk of increasing breakouts due to the presence of harsh chemicals, pore clogging agents, or the chemical called hydroquinone, which can be a cancer causing compound. These creams are best used only after consulting a dermatologist. Even after the recommendation, try the cream for a week or so. If you see any positive effect, you can continue using it. If there are visible side effects like skin rashes or skin burning, then you should immediately stop the usage. Creams with Kojic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and Vitamin E, or herbal skin creams are good to use. However, if the chemicals are too harsh for your skin, you can always try some of the skin whitening home remedies like applying lemon juice with honey or the age-old orange peel method.
Remember, the skin bleaching creams available in the market for African-Americans are primarily used to even out the complexion and not to change it. Always be proud of your skin color. Whether the skin is black or brown does not matter, what matters is the individual's character; physical beauty can only be superficial.