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Skin Discoloration Fade Cream

Skin Discoloration Fade Cream

Did you know that uneven skin tone with freckles and sun spots is one of the major reasons that a person's skin looks older than their age. There are many spot reducing creams available in the market, but not all of them are effective; hence you should choose them with care.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Every woman hopes to have blemish free, smooth flawless skin but very few have it. Years of sun damage and improper skin care takes its toll and many of us suffer from hyper pigmentation, freckles, brown spots and age spots. This type of skin discoloration not only mars a woman's beauty, but also makes one look older than ones age. Thankfully, there are fade creams that can be bought over the counter which helps to reduce these marks and gives a person translucent and blemish free skin.

Fade Cream for Skin Discoloration

There are many types of skin discoloration. To have an even skin tone is possible with the help of fade creams, lotions and serums that are available in the market. But the problem is how to choose the right one that will lighten spots and marks without reacting with your skin and causing rashes and allergies. The change in skin color when it appears uniformly, is called tanning and most people sun bath to get a gorgeous skin tone. But problems occur when the skin color changes or becomes darker in patches or spots. This happens when excess melanin is produced in certain sections of the skin, darkening the area and developing into pigmentation marks, freckles and brown spots on skin. Some of the best creams for getting rid of discoloration are given below.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
This is one of the best beauty product for fading brown spots and freckles. It contains blackout yeast extract, salicylic acid, turmeric root extract which helps in reducing pigmentation. Its gel formulation is very smooth and it spreads evenly without any hint of greasiness.

SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator
SkinCeuticals Pigment Regulator contains glycolic acid, kojic acid and emblica. Kojic acid lightens the skin and glycolic acid exfoliates the skin. Emblica makes the skin more even and brightens the overall skin tone. It has a very silky and smooth texture and it can be used effectively by people with oily skin.

Murad Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Gel
This lightening serum is very light and non-greasy and is easily absorbed by the skin. It contains licorice extract, hydroquinone, glycolic acid and allantoin. The glycolic acid exfoliates the skin od dead cells and hydroquinone and licorice extract helps in fading dark spots and pigmentation. Since hydroquinone makes the skin more sensitive, do not forget to apply a sunscreen. With regular use, brown spots will fade and your skin will become more brighter and even.

Some other skin discoloration creams that many reviewers have rated highly are:
  • SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion
  • Nars Brightening Serum
  • SkinBright Skin Brightener
  • Revitol Skin Brightener
  • Esoterica Fade Cream
  • Godiva Licorice Whitening Cream
  • Makari De Suisse
  • Ambi Skin Discoloration Fade Cream
  • Yes to Tomatoes Daily Balancing Moisturizer
  • Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
Ingredients to Look Out for in your Fade Cream

Hyper pigmentation or brown spots can be reduced or faded over time by the application of face whitening creams that contain:
  • Hydroquinone
  • Azelaic acid
  • Glycolic acid
  • Alpha hydroxy acids
  • Licorice extract
  • Fennel extract
  • Uji green tea extract
All these active ingredients present in such creams help to fade dark patches when used regularly for some time. Vitamin E, which is another active ingredient that is added to a fade cream helps to moisturize and keep the skin supple as the other ingredients can be quite drying. For people who have sensitive skin, it is best to do a patch test before using these skin creams to make sure that the ingredients in the cream do not cause any inflammation or rashes.

Before you purchase any fade cream, read the label carefully and make sure that it contains active ingredients in higher proportions to help you reduce blemish marks. A fade cream should not only fade dark spots and patches but should make your complexion more luminescent and brighter overall. While using any such fade cream, keep in mind that these creams because of their high percentage and strength of active ingredients can be a bit drying so you should use a good skin moisturizer along with the face cream. Another thing to keep a note on is that skin discoloration cream can make your skin sensitive to sunlight, so it is best to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen on your skin even when you are indoors. If you have tried these products but are still plagued with darkening skin patches then you can consider using other skin discoloration treatments like laser, microdermabrasion and chemical peels to get rid of dark spots and have a smooth and radiant skin.