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Pros and Cons of Stand-up Tanning Beds

Pros and Cons of Stand-up Tanning Beds

How different are stand-up tanning beds from the normal horizontal ones? How much better are they? How much more effective are they? What are their pros and cons? Read this article to find answers to all these questions and more.
Aastha Dogra
For those of you who frequent tanning salons a lot, you must have seen the horizontal tanning booths, in which you lie down comfortably and get tanned through the UV lights that fall on you. Stand-up tanning booths are an improvisation of these and have added benefits over the traditional ones. While using them, you do not lie down, you instead have to simply go inside the booth and stand.


Even Tan
One of the main advantages of such beds is that you get a much more even tan as compared to the one that you get on horizontal beds. The lamps used in it have a different kind of reflector and hence, the UV rays are spread around the body evenly. Secondly, when using a horizontal bed, you need to turn your body as either your frontal body or your back can get tanned at a time. On the other hand, in a vertical tanning bed, UV lights fall on your entire body at once as lamps are located at various places in a vertical booth. Thirdly, since you stand while getting a tan, you are free to move your arms or legs or any other body part which further induces a better quality and even tanning effect. Lastly, many people feel that their body parts, such as the shoulder blades, hips, and back of the legs that touch the tanning beds when they are lying down, do not get tanned properly. This problem is eliminated in vertical beds as the skin does not touch the surface of such beds and hence no pressure points are created.

Stronger Tan in Lesser Time
Another reason why you should consider them for home, is that the bulbs used in them are of a greater wattage, so they give a much stronger tan in the same amount of time when compared to the horizontal beds, thus saving you a lot of time. So for all those who might not be too comfortable with the idea of spending a lot of time in tanning booths or feel claustrophobic in them, stand- up tanning beds are your answer.

Many people do not like the idea of lying down on used tanning beds in salons. They feel uncomfortable with the fact that their skin is touching the bed on which someone else was lying down before. Although these beds are not at all unhygienic as the strong heat inside the booth kills all germs, still certain people might be apprehensive. Such problems do not arise with stand-up beds as nobody needs to touch its walls to get tanned. However, if you are still not convinced, a good idea here is to buy one for yourself, which nobody except you or your family members use. If you search the Internet, you will find plenty of options for reasonably priced beds for sale.

Lesser Maintenance
The maintenance of stand-up beds is lesser as compared to the horizontal ones. They need to be cleaned less as surface touching is minimum.


The harmful UV rays can lead to many skin problems, including a fungal infection, premature skin aging, and wrinkling. One of the dangers of tanning beds is that it can cause skin cancer. The UV rays may sometimes have a harmful effect on the eyes of a person too, causing problems such as cataract.

If you compare vertical and horizontal beds, one of the pros of stand-up beds is that they do not offer the same level of comfort as the horizontal beds. You have to stand through the entire session, which might seem very discomforting to some.

To enjoy their benefits and minimize their drawbacks, various precautions should be taken before their usage. For instance, apply a tanning lotion before going inside, do not prolong the session for more than twenty minutes, and leave a gap of at least two days in between sessions. Stand-up tanning beds are the latest technology which will very soon phase out the horizontal beds that we have today. They are faster, much more effective, time-saving, hygienic, and provide a quality tan, making a person feel and look good!