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Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Which is the best tinted moisturizer for oily skin? What are the advantages of applying a tinted moisturizer? Read on to find the answers...
BeautiSecrets Staff
All women desire flawless complexions which glow from the inside. However, not all are lucky enough to be born with such skin. This is where tinted moisturizers come in. They even out the skin color, just like a foundation, and give it a luminous feel, like what moisturizers do! Tinted moisturizers are thus godsend for women who want their makeup to look all natural and glowing, at once!
If you are wondering, what is the difference between a regular moisturizer and a tinted one, the answer is that unlike regular moisturizers, tinted ones have a light foundation in them, which gives the facial skin an even tone. Certain tinted moisturizers come with SPF i.e. sun protection film and thus, offer added protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Tinted moisturizers are ideal for those who do not like the heavy made-up look that most foundations give to the face, as they provide a light, even coverage. At the same time, those of you looking for a full, flawless facial coverage that foundations provide, may find tinted moisturizers a bit of a disappointment. In spite of this drawback, tinted moisturizers have found many takers today. That's why, cosmetic companies are coming up with various kinds of tinted moisturizers, suitable for oily, dry and normal skin types.
Choosing a Tinted Moisturizer
The Brands...
If you do some market research, you would be surprised to find the range of colors tinted moisturizers are available in. Almond, mocha, walnut, sand, nude, fawn - you name it and you have a tinted moisturizer in the said color, to match each and every skin tone. Although, there are a number of famous brands which have come up with an oil-free, tinted moisturizer formula, such as, Bodyshop, Nivea, Maybelline, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass Illusion and Laura Mercier, yet, if you go by the reviews, most of the users have only one opinion and that is - Laura Mercier is the best one of the lot. Still, you should try on all these top brands and see which one suits your skin and complexion.
Selection Guide...
Go in for the ones which have a high water content. Such moisturizers will keep the skin hydrated, plus won't make it look greasy and oily. Secondly, choose a moisturizer with a matte-finish, as a sheer-finish one can make an oily skin look even more shinier. Check the label thoroughly before buying a tinted moisturizer, as those that are meant for oily skin, will specifically mention it. Preferably, select a moisturizer which comes with a sun protection film (SPF), as that way, you won't have to apply sunscreen on top of the tinted moisturizer, when stepping out in the sun.
The Right Application...
The right way to apply a tinted moisturizer is to first of all, clean the skin with a face wash. Thereafter, take appropriate amount of moisturizer in your palm, apply dots on your face with it and then, using outward and downward strokes, smoothen it all over your face. If you have extra oily skin, apply some translucent powder on top of the moisturizer. For those of you who have blemishes or age spots on your face, which a tinted moisturizer is unable to hide, a good idea is to use a concealer to do the job, after applying the tinted moisturizer.
Tinted moisturizers are versatile in the sense that they can be worn anywhere - to the gym, beach, classroom or office, as they let the facial skin remain all natural, beautiful and glowing. Now women with oily skin do not have to worry about a greasy-looking dull face, as a tinted moisturizer is here to give them that subtle glow!