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Typical Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Typical Cost of Laser Hair Removal

We live in a world in which everything is possible if we have money. Any woman who has a large sum of money, first of all thinks to do something for her beauty, for example to remove hair on the body by laser. We'll talk about the Typical Cost of laser hair removal and other aspects related to this topic.
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Firstly, a person goes to the beauty care salon, for a consultation. There it will be established how many sessions are necessary, which is the time interval between sessions, as well as the type of the hair removal device used.

Furthermore, the treatment might have negative aspects and you should know what to do in-between treatments, what kind of cream is recommended, what is the cost, for one session, for example, and specific data related to each situation, apart from affections which can interact with the treatment. The typical cost of laser hair removal takes into account the treatment areas, for example, the highest prices are established for legs and back, then for hips, bikini area and chest. The prices are lower for hands, arms, mustache, and chin. Actually, the lowest prices are established for the nose and ears area.

To continue with, you have to know that the treatment is an efficient method whose action is long-lasting and it is used for removing unwanted hair, therefore saving a lot of time and energy dedicated in the past to other methods. In order to see if the hair will respond favorably to the laser treatment, tests on reduced areas might be performed. If your skin is dark-colored, you have to apply a bleaching cream on the surface which has be treated in order to facilitate the laser energy concentration upon the hair follicle, not upon the skin.

How the procedure is performed?

The area which will be treated will be completely shaved and a cream with anesthetic effect will be applied, in order to reduce the discomfort to the minimum. During the procedure you will feel intense light emissions upon your skin while the laser is absorbed by hair follicles.

Each pulsation of the laser lasts about a second fraction and it has effect upon an area of about 3 square cm. Most of the lasers have cooling systems in order to reduce the temperature of the skin, thus this anesthetic is mild and it prevents burning caused by the heat generated by the laser.

The cost

Flat fee as a cost is sometimes chosen for determining pricing. The cost is finalized either with every single treatment or for a complete package of treatment. Sometimes, for deciding flat fees the pattern of hair growth is taken into consideration. However, there are few clinics which offer a package irrespective of one's type and form of hair growth.

The another way of finalizing the charges is by considering the segments of approximate 15 minutes .In this method the final cost of Laser removal depends upon the devices professional is choosing, the speed and skill of professional, the density of hair to be removed.

There is also another way of determining the cost depending upon the number of pulses laser device emits during the process of treatment. Generally, one pulse or one beam takes no more than one second in which it can remove approximately 100 hair. The size of laser beam and the no of treatments also have a great influence over this type of costing.

How long does the treatment take?

The surgery may last according to the size of the area which will be treated and the technique used. Hair removal on a small area like the area above the upper lip can last about 5 minutes, while hair removal on larger areas like the back or the legs might last up to an hour. Since the laser has effect only upon the growing hair, and not all the hair are growing at the time of the treatment, it is necessary to remove hair more times from the same surface, in order to remove efficiently all the hair on it.

The following treatment sessions will be programmed at an interval of one month, where you will probably notice that the hair which were in repose are growing now.

Where can you do the treatment?

Laser hair removal is usually performed in a doctor's cabinet and you mustn't be hospitalized.

What is the pain ratio?

It is normal to feel a kind of discomfort during the treatment.
It is usually manifested by burning or sting sensation and it varies from a person to the other. You may apply on the skin, before the treatment, a cream which can dumb the place, in order to reduce pain.

What are the consequences?

After this procedure, the surface treated can be red or swollen, like in the case of sun exposure. Your doctor can prescribe you a topical cream in order to alleviate the smarting pain. The skin can also have a crusty aspect, but this reaction should disappear in a few days. Even if you can start again the habitual activities, you should avoid the exposure to sun of the treated surface. Clean the surface with mild soap and water and don't use products which could irritate the skin (like astringents). You will notice hair growing on that surface at about ten days since the treatment. They are actually the altered hair which fall and don't represent their regeneration.

You can shave hair if they disturb you, but don't remove them with wax, don't pence them and don't bleach them during treatment sessions. If your skin is dark you can notice a temporary whitening of the color of your skin in that region. Even if most of the patients are satisfied with the results, it is impossible to predict if the treatment will be successful for each individual.

The regeneration of hair follicles from different parts of the body and to different people varies significantly.
There are usually necessary multiple treatments to remove permanently the hair and in some cases it is not removed completely. However, such cases, you will have less hair in the treated area than you would have if you hadn't applied the procedure.

The ideal candidate

In general the ideal candidate for the treatment must meet the following conditions:
  1. he / she is healthy from the physical point of view
  2. he / she is stable from psychological point of view
  3. has light skin and dark hair
  4. is not blond-haired or reddish
  5. is not recently tamed
  6. has rough hair
  7. wants to change his / her aspect
  8. wants to spend time with this process
  9. is well informed concerning the process
  10. Has realistic expectancies concerning the results
The previous points are only a part of the criteria which your doctor will take into account to determine if the procedure can be recommended in your case.

The treatment is more efficient in the case of people with light skin and hair because dark hair absorbs the energy of the laser more efficiently. People with dark skin can follow the treatment as long as they have the hair darker than the skin. Light colored hair are difficult to treat irrespective of the skin type. Your doctor can explain the consequences according to the type of your skin and hair.

Risks and Restrictions

Even if laser treatment is in general safe and efficient, there can appear secondary effects which include:
  1. The skin can get light or dark in the treated area
  2. There can appear corns, burnings or crusts on the surface of the skin
  3. These secondary effects are almost always temporary
However, to reduce the risks of this procedure, respect the doctor's recommendation both before and after the procedure.

How much is the average cost?

Well the procedure is estimated to cost on average 150 U.S.D. These prices are different according to personal features and the extension of the procedure. In general the number of recurrences of the procedure is three within the same cost, performed at intervals necessary the removal of hair in different growing phases.