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Upper Lip Hair Removal

Threading, tweezing, waxing, electrolysis are some of the commonly used upper lip hair removal methods. This BeautiSecrets article gives you a brief on each of these methods.
BeautiSecrets Staff
There are a number of upper lip hair removal methods that you can use. A brief description on some of the commonly used ones are given here. Select one that suits your need, availability of resources, and comfort and look the way you wish to.
Threading is the most widely used method of removing unwanted upper lip hair. This method may be painful but it gets rid of the tiniest and finest hair from the root in a couple of minutes. Threading the hair out gives appreciable results almost instantaneously. Once you get it done, it takes about 15 days to see re-growth. It means that you need to remove hair from your upper lip only twice a month, which is very convenient. To add to this, this method is affordable. Considering hair removal cost and effectiveness, threading is considered to be the best among all the methods available for this purpose.
Tweezing is the second popular method used by women to remove hair from their upper lips. In this method, strands of hair are plucked out one-by-one with a small tool called plucker or tweezer. The method is equally painful as threading. But, plucking the hair out is time-consuming and discomforting. In addition to this, the results are not satisfactory. It fails to give you a smooth and 'completely-done' look. Actually, tweezing is a method used for removing hair that gets left over after threading or waxing. It is not advisable when you have to remove a large number of hair strands. Therefore, do not consider tweezing as a method for hair removal from your entire upper lip.
Waxing is a method of hair removal which gets rid of hair from its roots. The result is long-lasting. You can enjoy hair-free and smooth skin on your upper lip for about 20-25 days. This procedure does not cost much, yet if you wish, you can wax your upper lips at home as well. There are variety of waxes available for the purpose. They are- hot, cold, sugar, chocolate, etc. Apply a small amount of wax on the upper lip with a spatula, cover it with a piece of cotton cloth or a ready-made disposable strip, press it gently, hold the strip at one end, and pull it off in one go. You will find the upper lip area to be clean and fairer, apart from being free from unwanted hair. Waxing the upper lip is quite painful but the result is surely worth it.
Threading, waxing and tweezing are the temporary methods for removing hair from upper lips or any other body part. However effective they may be, you have to spend time and money on them again and again. Therefore, going for a permanent solution is advisable. One such method for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. It uses low voltage electricity to destroy the hair follicles. The effect is almost permanent but you need to pay a lot to get it done. Moreover, electrolysis must be done by an experienced practitioner or best, by a cosmetologist. When done incorrectly, it may damage the skin and leave scar behind. Electrolysis is recommended for women who have light skin and isolated hair.
The upper lip hair removal methods like threading, tweezing and waxing are quite painful. However, you can bring the pain down to some extent by following a few tips. Wash your face with warm water 10-12 minutes prior to hair removal from the upper lip. This will open up the hair follicles and will make the hair removal a bit easy and comfortable. Secondly, take an over-the-counter, pain killer 1-2 hours before getting upper lip waxed. Choose any of the suggested methods and get yourself a hair free upper lip and look gorgeous like never before.