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Urine Therapy For Acne

Urine Therapy For Acne

If you are looking for some sort of a natural therapy to clear up old acne scars, maybe it's time for you to try the urine therapy for acne, details of which are given in the article below.
Leena Palande
Last Updated: Feb 8, 2018
Use of one's own urine for medicinal or cosmetic purpose is known as urine therapy, urotherapy, uropathy, or urinotherapy. Urine has been regarded as curative in various cultures all over the world, and has been in practice for thousands of years. Urine therapy for acne involves massaging your skin with your own urine. Acne is nothing but skin eruption or inflammation of the skin. It can appear anywhere on the body, but is more common on the face. Urinotherapy is a free therapy. You simply need to collect your urine that is passed immediately after rising in the morning, and apply it to the affected area with a cotton ball. It is a natural medicine, which works great for acne.

Acne scars generally look discolored or darker than your natural skin tone. They generally leave behind unsightly indentations or lumps or jab marks. For improving the skin condition, people use various techniques like laser procedures, or they use various cleansers or medications. For this, they spend hundreds of dollars willingly. If you are fed up of using all those techniques and cosmetics now, uropathy is the way to go.

You must have tried tea tree oil, aloe vera gel, toothpaste, tomato pulp, burdock root, rose water, camphor oil, etc. for natural acne cure. This condition is not life-threatening, but it affects you a little physically, and much more, psychologically. It has a very bad impact on young sufferers. Dermatologists may prescribe strong medications, or you may try over-the-counter medicines and masks, but still, it may be difficult for you to prevent these zit-like conditions. You will be surprised to know that your own urine works just like a skin toner. This is one of the best treatments.

How to Cure Acne

You must have heard about general benefits of urine therapy. But you might be wondering how to use urine therapy for acne. It involves a few simple steps.
  • Take the urine passed first in the morning (first void).
  • Leave out some urine, and then catch it midstream in a container.
  • With the help of a cotton ball, apply it on the scars, on any part of your body.
  • Just leave it there for five to ten minutes, and then rinse off.
  • If you want, you may leave it on for longer periods of time. There is no harm in it.
  • As the urine dries, there is no smell.
  • You can apply it twice or as many times as possible throughout the day.
  • You can apply the same overnight too.
  • The collected urine, if kept for more than one day, turns into a concentrated solution, which you can apply on darker spots.
This can help change the color of your skin. Your skin will appear brighter as an effect of uropathy. This therapy offers you duel benefits, as it helps in acne prevention, and it is best for acne scar removal too. Besides, it is free of cost with no side effects! A negligible tingling sensation may be experienced by some people.

You will be able to see the effects of this therapy within a few days. Of course, it may vary according to acne causes and severity. Whatever may be the type and tone of your skin, this procedure can make a noticeable difference and a dramatic improvement in your skin.

Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.