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What Is a Virtual Makeover?

What Is a Virtual Makeover?

Being able to preview a major proposed change in your appearance is always a major advantage. This option, called a virtual makeover, allows you to make and assess changes in your proposed makeover. Read on to know more...
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Oftentimes, you long for a great hairstyle or a new hair color, but when it comes to actually getting it done, you chicken out at the last minute. Sometimes, you get the better of your anxiety, and bravely head to the salon to get a makeover. After the job, you walk proudly to the mirror in a hope to admire the stylish figure that would stare back at you! That's the moment you discover something has gone wrong! The hairstyle was never meant for the shape and cut of your face, and the hair color looks completely out of place on your head. The stylist cannot be blamed, for s/he was only following your directions. How could the hairstyle and color that perfectly suited your friend, look so horrible on you? How you wish you could 'undo' the process! How you wish you could have taken a 'preview' of the job! Hold on to that thought, because previewing makeovers is now not as difficult as undoing it.

What Is It, Exactly?

Virtual makeover is a software-assisted process that allows users to 'try on' any makeup products, or even hairstyles and hair colors, to check how they actually look on you. There are hundreds of thousands of looks and styles to choose from. From changing the color of your lips to applying an eyeshadow, you can choose any makeup tool from an array of available options. The main purpose of this application is to allow you to take a preview of your makeover. If you think the look doesn't suit you, you can edit it by making appropriate changes and try on a new look. You can even try on celebrity looks and haircuts. You can also choose a particular application technique for applying eyeshadow, so as to get a desired look. You can also get several ideas by browsing these sites. In short, this tool allows you to play with your look without spending a dime and most importantly, without altering your physical appearance. You can go for an actual makeover only when you are completely convinced with your online avatar.

How to Use a Virtual Makeover Tool

This tool is available on many websites that deal in cosmetics and makeup products. To use it, you must have a clear photo of yourself on your computer. Either take a closeup on your digital camera on scan a closeup photo that shows your face and hair clearly. Now search for any of these websites on Google. Sign up for the site of your choice. Upload your photo when you are prompted. You will notice options for hair, lip color, eye shadows etc. Choose from the available hairstyles and see how it changes your look in a mouse click! Some sites also offer you an option of trying out accessories with your new look. Thus, you can try out a funky pair of eyeglasses or an unusual shade of contact lenses. Some websites also offer makeovers where you can choose your facial hair or try on some headgear, such as hats and bandanas. Once, you are done with your look you can save it for future reference. You can also share it with your friends, so as to get their opinions on your new look. You can even take a printout of your makeover look and take it to the salon so that your stylist knows what exactly you are looking for.

You will be astonished to see how a simple change of lip color can glamorize your look. You can try out some bold hair colors or short hair styles which you would never dare to do in your real life. In the process, you may just discover your true look.

Virtual makeover is sure fun, but more than that it is a great utility for people who wish to bring radical changes to their physical appearance. You are least likely to encounter any unpleasant experiences this way.