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Vitamins for Hair Growth and Skin

For the development of a healthy skin and thick hair, a person should follow a healthy and nutritious diet. The various vitamins that are essential for healthy hair are vitamin A, vitamin E, biotin, etc. Similarly, for healthy and glowing skin vitamin A, E, B3, and K should be included in the diet. The following article provides information about the same.
BeautiSecrets Staff
It has been always said by various health experts that, the quality of both your skin and hair reflects your inner health and well-being. Many people still ignore these aspects and allow various external factors along with poor habits and lifestyle to affect their health. These aspects are reflected in the form of dull, brittle, and weak hair, along with pale and unhealthy skin. As a result of this, people resort to external methods such as hair and skin treatments, instead of solving the problem from within. However, this can be attained simply by resorting to the necessary intake of vitamins that are required by the body for flawless, glowing, radiant skin, and healthy, lustrous, and shiny hair. Furthermore, all these skin and hair vitamins are naturally available in the foods you eat. All that one has to do is, ensure that these foods are included in your diet. Some vitamins for skin may also be applied topically to get maximum benefits.
The following table provides information about the various vitamins that are required for healthy skin and hair. Also included are the natural sources of these vitamins, that you may consume to avail their benefits.
Vitamins Benefits for Hair Benefits for Skin Sources
Vitamin A This vitamin enables healthy sebum production in the scalp, thereby contributing to thicker, more lustrous hair. Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins for acne-free and elastic skin. It prevents and lightens stretch marks. It also helps with skin problems such as eczema. Carrots, Pumpkin, Spinach, Chillies, Sweet Potatoes, Mangoes, Dairy products, Liver
Vitamin B Complex People who are looking for vitamins for faster hair growth may consume foods rich in vitamin B complex. They enable the production of cells that allow regeneration of healthy hair. This vitamin also prevents premature graying. Vitamin B complex is a great choice for people who are affected by dry skin, flakiness, itchiness. This group of vitamins keeps the skin soft. Whole grain foods (Wheat bran, Barley, Rice bran), Eggs, Beans (Legumes), Lentils, Organ meats, Bananas, Chicken, Tuna
Vitamin C Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, that help keep the scalp free of dandruff. It also promotes and improves the blood circulation. This is one of the best anti-aging vitamins for skin. It enables the production of collagen and prevents wrinkles. Also, it keeps the skin clear and soft. Citrus fruits, Guava, Papaya, Kiwi, Green leafy vegetables, Broccoli, Capsicum, Red chillies
Vitamin D Vitamin D plays an important role in preventing hair loss and flakiness of the scalp. Thus, it is one of the many vitamins that are required for healthy hair growth. It helps prevent psoriasis, flaky skin, and itchiness. Dairy products, Herrings, Tuna, Fish oils, Egg yolk, Sunflower seeds, Sardines, Sunlight
Vitamin E People who are affected by hair loss can benefit from vitamin E. It promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and results in thick, glossy hair. It improves skin elasticity, and prevents the effects of pollution. I also prevents the effects of stress from showing on the skin. Safflower oil, Peanut oil, Peanut butter, Sunflower seed oil, Sunflower seeds, Almonds, Olive Oil
Vitamin H (Biotin) Biotin prevents hair loss and improves the overall quality of hair. For skin, biotin works to prevent rashes and dry skin. Egg yolk, Yeast, Liver, Kidney, Milk
Vitamin K is also one of the important vitamins for healthy skin. Topical application of creams rich in this vitamin helps in reduction of dark circles and wrinkles under the eye. Though all the aforementioned vitamins are available naturally, in some cases you may be advised to take to vitamin supplements. However, this should only be done after consultation with your doctor. In the meanwhile, simply by monitoring the intake of these vitamins, you can get healthy hair and flawless skin.
Disclaimer: This BeautiSecrets article is for informative purposes only and does not, in any way, intend to replace the advice of an expert.