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Warts on Face

Warts on Face

Face warts can give you inferiority complex and lower your self-esteem. Here is more information on treatment and home remedies for the same.
Shrinivas Kanade
Warts on face put you in a difficult situation. It is an unsightly skin condition that can make you lose your cool. If you are currently experiencing discomfort because of warts, then, my friend, you are in a tight corner. The only way out is to face the trouble and be done with it, by hook or crook.

Of course, when it comes to wart removal, you do not have to use some crook methods from a witch book, after all, it is your face we are talking about. Care must be taken, not to harm it any further and be awarded with a memento for life, in the form of a scar, that too, on your face. It is natural that you are proud of you look and are worried sick, because of this blemish on your face.

Facial Warts

Warts are caused by the invasion of your skin by the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) or its various strains. This virus can spread through direct contact and it may arise when you handle or use articles or things used by an infected person. It can also spread through water and gains entry in the skin through cuts and scratches. Different types of warts are nothing but benign tumors on the skin that can affect any part of the body. If they are on the skin surfaces which are likely to get rubbed, then warts cause pain.

Most of the time, warts on face are the verruca plana or the digitate warts. They are small, smooth-surfaced and appear near hairline or scalp. They may not discolor and may not be noticeable even from a close distance. Filiform warts are mostly seen on the skin of the eyelids, face, neck and lips. Flat warts are quite common in children. In children and men, they usually appear on the face.

Home Remedies

Generally, HPV virus along with the rest of the regiments of the viruses are present on our skin. It is our immune system that keeps them at bay. However, when our immunity is suppressed, it gives a chance to these viruses to successfully invade our skin and cause various health conditions. As soon as our immunity regains its normal stance it clears the infections. That is why, as many as 40-50% cases of warts, they are cured without any treatment. The problem is it may take an inordinate time, as long as 2 years to cure warts. And, in the meantime, your family members and friends are at the risk of catching a dose of blood thirsty HVA virus.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is a proven and trusted home remedy. The antiseptic properties are useful in treating warts on face and in preventing the spread of HPV virus infection. To benefit from the use of this treatment, apply tea tree oil directly to the skin, two times a day. It is essential to buy this oil from a reliable source. This treatment is useful in curing warts in approximately 7 days.

Duct Tape
This treatment had been in use for a long time. It uses a small piece of duct tape. Cut it and stick it to the skin infected by warts. The next day, remove the piece of tape gently and apply a fresh piece. You may have to repeat this procedure until the wart is gone for good.

Flaxseed and Honey
Make a mixture of flaxseed oil, powder of flaxseed and honey. It has been found that applying a poultice of this mixture is useful in curing warts. It is necessary to change the poultice every day, until the warts completely disappear.

Other Remedies
  • You can use a gel containing natural Aloe vera or you can acquire it directly from the plant itself. Each night before going to bed, dab the wart with small amount of Aloe vera.
  • Some people have found that applying small amount of apple cider vinegar to the facial warts is useful. Wash your face before applying it twice a day to improve the chances of the natural acids present in the apple cider vinegar of overcoming warts.
  • Another way is to use facial wart lotions. Go through the list of ingredients to make sure that the product you choose contains natural essential oils. Facial skin is sensitive and there are chances that a lotion containing harsh chemicals may put a blemish on it.

If you are suffering from warts for a long time and want to rid yourself of it permanently, then consult your doctor. He will advise you about the different treatment methods.
  • There is a procedure called cryosurgery in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart. The dead wart, if it is a thin-walled, falls off on its own after 3-4 sessions. If it has callused skin, 12 or more sessions are needed.
  • Keratolysis is a procedure which uses chemicals to remove the dead skin cells. Chemical agents used in the it are generally, salicylic acid, formaldehyde or immunomodulators.
  • Laser treatment is also used to get rid of warts. Using a pulse dye laser has less chances of leaving scars behind, as it is less destructive. Removal of warts using CO2 lasers needs local anesthetic as it vaporizes and destroys the tissues and can be painful.
"Prevention is better than Cure!" There are some HPV vaccines available in the market which you should ask about to your doctor. Whenever you touch the wart, you increase the chances of spreading it. Wash your hands carefully to minimize them. On the other hand, do not get in physical contact with the person who has them.