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17 Ways to Repurpose Old Makeup

17 Money-saving Ways to Repurpose Old Makeup Every Girl Must Know

Don't we love to splurge on cosmetics? Most of us think it to be an investment. But while we do so, we forget about the old ones. Here's how to repurpose old makeup after they've passed their shelf life.
Apurva Neurgaonkar
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Lipstick Into Blush
Lipsticks Into Lip Balm
Lipsticks Forming a new Shade
You can use an unflattering lipstick, especially the light-pinks as a blush. Turn old lipstick into a lip balm by mixing it with petroleum jelly. If it's too hard to mix, put it into the microwave to soften it a bit. Mix old lipsticks to make a new shade. Just scoop the remnants of the lipsticks into a small container, microwave them for roughly five seconds, and a new lipstick is ready!!
Mascara Brush
A Lady Brushing her Eyebrow With a Mascara Brush
Turn your old mascara wand into an eyebrow brush. Or, you can use it to clean delicate jewelry and beaded clothing. Another use of this magical piece is, it can also help unclog taps and sinks in no time!
Bare Sun-Kissed Legs
Bought the wrong foundation? Don't fret, just use it on your legs. Apply regular cream base and then the foundation, and then top it off with a moisturizer to create amazing sun-kissed legs.
Nail Color
An Eye-shadow Into Nail Color
Grab a clear nail paint and add an eyeshadow to it using a funnel, to create a new nail paint.
Add different perfumes together to make a new fragrance, or you can add a leftover perfume to unscented creams, and you will have a new scented cream to boast about.
Facial Wet Wipes
Wet Wipes
If the facial wet wipes you have are too harsh on your face, toss them into your gym bag instead of the bin. You can reuse them to wipe the rest of your body after a heavy workout.
A Bottle of Moisturizer
Is moisturizer making your face look too oily? Don't chuck it away. Instead, use it to moisten the elbows or knees. You can also use it as a hand cream every night on your dry hands and cuticles.
A Bottle of Conditioner
Use a too heavy, non untangling, unusable conditioner instead of soap when you shave your legs. This product will not only give you a closer shave without any irritation, but will leave your legs feeling softer too.
If your kohl is outdated, obviously you can't use it. So, turn it into a jet-black eyeliner by just holding the tip of the pencil over a flame and letting it cool for a few seconds. Your new gel eyeliner is ready!!!
It is good and very much necessary to scrub your face twice a week. But if your scrub is hurting your sensitive facial skin, use it on your legs before shaving to reduce any ingrown hair, or to scrub your feet just in time for the sandal season.
Nail polish and lipstick isolated on white background
Closeup shot in a nail salon
Group of bright nail polishes, on pink background