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What Colors Does the Term 'Hazel Eyes' Normally Constitute?

What Color Are Hazel Eyes
The term hazel eyes is used to describe several eye color shades. This article will give you more information on the exact color shade of hazel eyes and make up tips for the same.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Eye See You
Eye color is a natural asset a person can have. Although due to the availability of eye lenses, these days, one can simply have any eye color that one wishes for. However, a natural eye color is simply the best and a true treasure. Eye colors like black, brown, green, blue, and violet are easy to identify. There is one such eye color which has been one of the most ill-understood among the rest. It is the hazel eye color.
What do hazel Eyes Look Like
Defining hazel eyes exactly is difficult due to the larger range of the colors that can be termed as hazel. In simplest terms, note that hazel eyes are brown green in color. Hazel eye color is the color with brown at the center, surrounded by green color. However, the color range for these type of eyes is wider and several other shades like light brown, yellowish brown, green blue with brown, greenish brown, golden brown etc., are also termed as hazel eyes.
One of the interesting features of this eye color is that it reflects the color of the clothing the person wears. Therefore, hazel eye color may appear darker shade of green to a darker shade of brown, depending on the color of the person's clothes. However, it should also be noted that a mere green blue color is not called hazel. A hazel eye color always has a bit or a lot of brown in it. This is not a rare eye color and is commonly found in many parts of the world. Hazel colored eyes are mostly found in the continent of Asia, North and South America; and nations like Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, etc.
Hazel Eye Makeup Tips
  • When talking about the perfect eye shadow for hazel eyes color, you can try apricot, brown, forest green, purple or plum. These colors are suitable for both, green as well as brown shades of hazel eyes.
  • For eye liners and mascara, you can always go for the traditional black as it suits every eye color, including hazel. You can also experiment with other mascara colors like green, purple, brown, pink, etc.
  • Hair colors for hazel eyes include red, auburn, wine red, chocolate brown, copper red, etc. You need to avoid pure copper and blond hair colors.
  • One of the best makeup tips for hazel eyes is to apply a shimmery powder on your brow bone to highlight your eyes.
Now, you will have no difficulty in explaining your or someone else' eye color, when looking for eye make up. As hazel eyes color vary, you should check for the color (without reflecting the color of clothes) to know the perfect shade.
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