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Wrinkle Fillers

Wrinkle Fillers

Wrinkle fillers have worked wonders for people around the globe. However, options have increased and one is able to consider alternatives that suit their pockets and pigments. Read on to know more about wrinkle fillers and their working.
Azmin Taraporewala
There was a time when collagen was a rage in the beauty world. Collagen has been around in the global beauty sector for more than a decade and one may only vouch to describe the impact it caused amongst women to have their skin smoothed for good. After all who would not crave for a skin as soft as silk! Collagen in the actual is a protein pigment that is present in our system; which holds the body, quite literally, together. With collagen, another pigment called elastin also functions in conjunction. Collagen is responsible in providing skin with the much-needed firmness and strength whereas on the other hand, flexibility is what elastin offers. As skin ages, the production of these two pigment proteins in our system decreases. It is due to the decrease in their content that the skin sustains wrinkles. The content can thus be supplemented by topical application creams and lotions. It can also be introduced into the skin through administering injections. However, there are a number of alternatives for wrinkle reduction that share the potency and the effectiveness of collagen.

The Best Wrinkle Fillers

Wrinkle filler injections consist of substances of collagen or silicone. Silicone injections are gaining momentum and it has been seen that they are preferred all the more. Fat grafts are in the actual, fat deposits that have been extracted from the individuals own body fat and inserted into the skin that requires correction in terms of smoothing the skin. Botox injections have proved their effectiveness by erasing fine lines, crows feet and smile lines. There are three types of wrinkle fillers; temporary injectable fillers, semi-permanent fillers and permanent dermal fillers. The choice from each have been given here in this section of the article.

Restylane, one that was meant to be used for easing fine lines and smile lines around the mouth area. This is a temporary wrinkle filler and may wear out depending on the elasticity of the skin. Restylane was convenient as there were no tests that had to conducted on the skin before beginning with the procedure. It works on the principle of inserting a substance called hyaluronic acid which is found in the body and is also found in the injection. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is responsible to give our skin the youthful and fresh look that we sport. The main function of this injection is to revert the clock and get the youthful look back. Results are noticed immediately and the effects of the same lasts more than 6 months and may also prolong for a year.

Cosmoderm is a collagen substance that can be administered on the skin without any skin tests. It works as a filler for the fine lines and deep wedges in the eye area, caused due to aging. This is again a temporary filler which refines smile lines and frown lines. This is a less expensive alternative, however the effects are not as long-lasting as the other products mentioned. The effects are temporary, lasting only for approximately three months

Radiesse or Radiance wrinkle filler is an injectable substance that consists of hydroxyapatite. It is a gel based substance with sediments of calcium in the body. It is categorized as semi-permanent wrinkle filler. Administering this does not require a skin compatibility test. It is meant for smoothing out fine line and restoring the youthful look of the skin. It is white in color and stays on for 10 to 15 months. Captique filler, Evolence and Hylaform are some of the other alternatives for diminishing wrinkles temporarily.

This facial filler is extremely popular in erasing fine lines and giving the face a more toned and taut look, making the face more expressive, not restricting its normal flexible movements. Silikon 1000, Aquamid and Artecoll are some of the most sought-after dermal wrinkle fillers that have a permanent effect on the skin. The dermal fillers are extremely helpful in erasing acne scars and are good at their job of adding definition to the visage. Dermadeep and Dermalive can correct the lip curve and could also rectify lipstick drips due to which the lip line looks smudgy.

Wrinkle Fillers - Topical Application

As it is in a wrinkle filler injection, wrinkle filler topical creams are also of great significance and use. It consists of hyluronic acid, collagen, elastin and silicone. When these creams are applied; whether on the entire face, or on a site where they are concentrated, the hyluronic acid and the collagen seep deeper into the skin layers and start to work. Silicone on the other hand settles down on the skin surface and performs its skin strengthening function from the exterior site. When topically applied, they can be very resilient or may cake up in the process of spreading the filler. Olay Wrinkle Fill and Seal, L'Oreal De Crease Collagen Filler for Wrinkles, Estee Lauder Correcting Concentrate for Lip Lines are some of the most sought-after products.

Their functioning, whether through injections or topical application serum or creams, depends upon factors such as the type of wrinkle filler you have chosen, how deep they are, and how elastic and flexible the skin is. Also make sure that you consult an expert doctor. Conduct research on the work experience he has garnered through the years and only then make the move. After all, it is all about skin safety with personal satisfaction!