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Uses of Zinc Oxide Cream

Uses of Zinc Oxide Cream

Zinc oxide cream is a versatile cream that has a wide range of uses. This article mainly highlights the key uses and beneficial effects of this cream. Read on to learn more...
Bidisha Mukherjee
Zinc is an essential mineral for our body. It is required in trace amounts but has a major role in various functions of the body. It is present in hundreds of enzymes and is actively involved with their functioning. In fact, the enzyme functioning of all the organs of the body including the skin depends on zinc. It is found in almost all the cells and tissues of the body and helps in growth, repair and maintenance of the cells. Zinc oxide in particular is good for improving the skin condition and is a common ingredient of various skin creams. The effectiveness of zinc oxide cream lies with the fact that it has excellent antiseptic properties that destroy the germs on the skin's surface. Moreover, it suppresses the effects of histamines released by the immune system and thus helps in reducing skin inflammation.

Zinc Oxide Cream Uses

Since zinc is a natural component of the skin cells, when this cream is applied, the nutrients are readily absorbed into the skin. For this reason, it can be used for treating a number of skin conditions. It also provides protection to the skin surface from various forms of damage. Some of the important uses of zinc oxide cream are as follows:

Acne Treatment and Prevention
Zinc oxide cream can be applied directly on acne outbreaks. Its antibacterial properties kill the acne causing bacteria and the anti-inflammatory properties bring down the skin inflammation. Thus the size of the acne decreases. It can be helpful for acne prevention as well. It absorbs the excess of oil from the skin surface that tends to get trapped in the skin pores and cause acne. Those who have acne prone skin and are bothered by the problem for quite some time should use this cream regularly to treat the existing acne and to prevent future eruptions.

Diaper Rash Cure
This cream is highly effective for curing diaper rash. Zinc oxide is not a very strong chemical and can be safely used on the delicate skin of an infant without the fear of any harsh skin reactions. Small babies are prone to diaper rash because of the moisture trapped within the diaper which becomes an ideal breeding ground for uncontrolled growth of bacteria. As a result, the skin gets irritated and inflamed and rashes appear that causes a lot of discomfort to the small baby. The cream forms a barrier on the skin surface and does not let skin irritants to come in contact with the skin. Thus it protects the skin from any further damage and ensures faster healing of the rashes.

Sun Protection
The ultraviolet radiation of the sun has a damaging effect on the skin surface. Too much of sun exposure leads to sunburns, premature skin aging, wrinkles and other such problems. Such damages can be prevented with the help of zinc oxide cream. It works really well as sunscreen. When you apply it on the skin, it does not get absorbed into the skin but it coats the skin surface to form a protective barrier which can prevent penetration of the ultraviolet radiation of the sun into the skin. You can use it as sunblock cream for small children and infants as well.

Other Uses
Melasma is a skin disorder characterized by dark brown spots on facial skin. Regular application of zinc oxide cream helps a lot in relieving the melasma symptoms. It can be used for treating eczema as it has a calming effect on skin inflammation and irritation. Minor skin injuries like cuts, burns or scrapes can be healed with zinc oxide.

How to Use Zinc Oxide Cream

Zinc oxide cream is used for topical application only. Before you apply the cream on the skin, wash the area and your hands thoroughly. Read the label of the cream to check out for any dosage instructions. Then apply the cream generously on the skin. When you are using it on skin conditions, make sure that the affected part of the skin is completely covered. Then wash off your hands. After applying the cream, leave it uncovered. However, if you are using it on cuts and burns then you can use a bandage. While using the cream on the face, take care that it does not get into the eyes, mouth, or nose. Even if it is safe for diaper rash, it is advisable to ask the pediatrician once. You can apply the cream as many times as you want on the diaper rash. Ideally, you should apply it when you are changing the diaper.

There is no known adverse side effects of zinc oxide cream. It is suitable for all types of skin. So far, no evidence has been found that suggests that it interacts with any other drug. However, if a person is allergic to zinc or any other component of the cream, then it may cause a burning and itching sensation. If you observe any such reaction, stop using the cream immediately and talk to the doctor.