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Naturally Safe and Non-Surgical Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

Alternatives to Plastic Surgery
Coming to terms with aging is not an easy job. Certainly not in a world where every aging related problem has a surgical solution, provided you have the means to pay for it. But what if we take some time out and reassess our options? We have here a complete range of alternatives that don't involve any knives.
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Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Our quest for beauty has been endless and with the latest innovation in plastic surgery, it is becoming tougher to keep ourselves from going under the knife to achieve that perfect look. We'd admit that the ongoing media circus, in all its perfection, is what has saddled us with the burden to look gorgeous 24x7.

There was a time when beauty routines were something we did to please ourselves. However, with the constant scrutiny from ourselves, more than anyone else, plastic surgery seems like that magic wand from heaven.

We've heard all about the unfortunate post-procedure horrors; and yet, steadfastly refuse to turn towards other possibilities; possibilities that are safe, and have stood the test of time.
Increase water intake in body
Yes, don't we all know that our saggy/wrinkled/pimply skin is the result of our own misdeeds? Sacrificing sleep, unhealthy eating habits, stress, even incorrect breathing techniques are major contributing factors to the way we look, and changing them doesn't cost a cent.
If smoking doesn't kill you, it definitely does make your skin sallow. The ones who pick up smoking to suppress appetite with the hope of losing weight are simply falling prey to a vicious circle, really. And yes, if you're smoking to sculpt your cheeks, they won't go too well with the wan face.
Our skin happens to be an eliminating organ, and a bad diet will reflect through it. Fresh food is not bad tasting, and consuming fresh fruits will eliminate the chore that is cooking. This does not mean you survive simply on apples for a year, but a balanced diet holds the key to a clear and healthy complexion.
Moisturize your skin
Being a master of illusion will do you no harm, though, it requires a recap of the basics that we let go of, once we cross a certain age. For instance, how many times have we ditched the simple moisturizing routine for reasons of mere laziness?
Underestimating the power of SPF is our crime number two. It blocks the UVA and UVB rays, which give us those wretched wrinkles in the first place. Seriously, there can never be an excuse for not slathering on an SPF lotion, even if you need to be out in the sun for say, 125 seconds!
Make the spa your best friend. There are treatments to suit every skin type, and the results will be yours to see. Mineral body wraps help to detoxify your skin. Skin pampering apart, a weekend spent at a spa is relaxing and rejuvenating; nothing makes your skin happier than a peaceful mind.
Exercise everyday
Facial exercises are the it thing these days, and they happen to be totally and completely free of cost. Yes, facial exercise is a more sedate name to making funny faces. It works well to keep skin sagging in check.
Exercising may seem like a pain, but nothing can match the post workout glow that you get after having burned some serious calories. Exercise need not be boring; in fact, you can choose the kind of workout you like, be it running, swimming, walking, or even the fancier Pilates or yoga. A toned body can never look old.
The benefits of meditation are certainly not overrated. There is this thing which goes by the name of 'inner glow', and it will be yours to keep, if you are well and truly happy. Meditation can help you dissolve your anger and bring about a sense of serenity in your life. It is really true when they say that your face is a reflection of who you are, unless you choose to conceal it behind a plastic mask.
Wear makeup
Who said you're too old to wear some glam makeup? Maybe you're lazy, but you can never be too old. Sure, you may want to skip the deep golden bronzer, but avoid going too pale with your foundation, and infuse a pink hue instead.

The area around the eyes acts as a giveaway, so pay extra attention to it. A glowing eye shadow applied to the center and inner part of the eyelid should do the trick. Leave the smokey eyes to the teens, and use a lighter shade to define your brow bone.
Define your lips with a lip pencil before you put on lipstick, because, you tend to lose the fullness as you age. Don't shy away from red if the occasion demands it, but for daily wear, rosy tones work well.
There are a few other things that help you stay a few steps ahead of the aging monster, thanks to the latest research in non-surgical procedures. Acupuncture happens to be one of them. It is a muscle stimulant, which increases the production of collagen, and gives you a toned complexion.
Thermage uses radio frequencies and numbing creams to eliminate the early signs of wrinkles. This procedure is more suitable to combat the advent of wrinkles.

The Thread Lift or Feather Lift procedure uses an anesthetic with a needle and thread. These are used to tighten the skin and cure sagging.
Mesotherapy treatment
Mesotherapy is a treatment which involves injecting vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the skin, which increases blood circulation, promotes the growth of collagen and improves skin elasticity.
Finally, any article extolling the advantages of avoiding surgery is incomplete without a few preachy points, so here goes. Embrace your life, and the aging process that comes with it. After all, you can have scores of surgical procedures done to eliminate aging, but despite that, if you don't like what you see in the mirror, there isn't any surgery that will refresh your outlook.
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