Best Makeup Tips for Redheads

Just got your hair dyed in flaming red? Wondering how to make a bold statement and become a head turner literally? Here's your firsthand guide to the perfect look that'll go with your hair.
"Pretty woman, walking down the street
Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet
Pretty woman, I don't believe you,
You're not the truth
No one could look as good as you ..."
Roy Orbison

The good, the pretty, and the unusual, sometimes unpredictable, a little bold, and absolute head turners - that's how you associate with a redhead. To describe a redhead in a word would be 'mesmerizing'. I still remember the pretty "Little Mermaid", our very own Ariel, a strong head definitely, yet a loving companion. Okies, I better stop rambling about redheads and get to where this article is intended. Coming down to carrying off that redhead with an equally well dolled-up face ... hmm ... now where do we start?

Foremost, Identify the Category of Redhead You Fit Into

There are three categories of redheads, namely: natural red (also commonly known as ginger heads or copper heads), violet red or very dark reds, and true red or vibrant red.

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Makeup Ideas For Redheads

Makeup Tips and Ideas
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So you are a copper head, eh? Being a natural shade, and blessed with naturally light skin is a definite advantage.

Base Makeup: You do not need to apply a foundation cream if your skin is blemish-free, opt for a tinted moisturizer that has a yellow undertone instead. This will even out the appearance of your skin, and will also cut out any redness present.

Makeup Powder: Brush your skin with a light makeup powder or a bronzer for a classy look. Don't go overboard with the bronzer though, or you will end up looking streaky.

Eye Makeup: A crisp black line on the outer lid works just fine. For the highly defined look, use rich copper eye shadows along with a chocolate liner. Do not forget to dust your eyebrow with a shade close to your hair color; nothing darker or lighter will work here. Finally, apply some black mascara to highlight your window to the soul.

Lips: To complement your pale skin, use peachy pinks, or the toned-down earthy shades. Stains that are in rusts and corals will suit you better; besides, you can even pull off the more dramatic red stains too.

By Day: For an ultimate classy look on a working day, keep the makeup minimalistic. Use a good tinted moisturizer and dust it off with some light powder with a hint of frosted peachy blush to complete the look. Apply a coat of natural primer on your lips and dab it with pale or peach pink stain. Ditch the mascara here, it will do your work getup a world of good.

By Night: Sophisticated, naughty or nice - you decide, but for a nightwear, we will suggest you go in for more earthy shades, rather than the peachy pinks. For eyes, use gold or brown shades along with a black mascara and eyeliner.
Peach Pink Lip ColorPeach Pink LipNight Makeup


Richer than rich, red hair color is something that complements a healthy tan. Show off that immaculate tan and hair color with these add-ons.

Base Makeup: For the base, blend in a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. Avoid pink-based foundations. Opt for the gold-based or coral foundations to apply as a base.

Makeup Powder: Add extra glow to your skin by brushing off some light makeup powder or bronzer to highlight the T-zone.

Eye Makeup: A neat line with a chocolate or copper liner will enhance the look of your eyes. You can pull off eye shadows with a golden or earthy tone really well. Besides, all the blink shades like burgundy, plum and aubergine are made for you. Experiment with that, is all I can say!

Lips: Bring out your plum and wine stains and flaunt them with ease. These colors were made for you girl; mix and match them as you wish, you will be able to pull it off well.

By Day: For the day, line your eyes with a golden liner teamed with a dash of light eye shadow. Remember to keep it minimalistic during the day and stick to the subdued shades of plum; you can even try the nude lips look by applying just a lip balm or a shade that is close to your natural lip color. For the day, go in for matte-finish lip stains, as it will be a better option than the shiny ones.

By Night: Bling and shine, bling and shine! Highlight your features with reds, oranges or dusty rose shades to give the feminine glow. For a party night, use purple, plum or magenta eye shadows, teamed with black or golden eyeliner. For your pout, use deep reds, plum or earthy stains to complement your hair color.

Night MakeupEye Shadow


Lady in red, sorry flaming red! Wild and carefree, radiating warmth, fire-breathing not really, intelligent, sassy and uber cool - that's what you are in reality!

Base Makeup: Again start with a base foundation, if you have a tanned skin, then go in for a color blending foundation or else, stick to the yellow tinted moisturizer.

Makeup Powder: Brush your skin with a dusty rose shade, or apricot shade for a chic look. If you want to show off that tan, opt for a bronzer with more earthy shades or even try out the magic stain marker.

Eye Makeup: Define your eyes with a chocolate or a black eyeliner, with rustic hues for eye shadow. Try the ultimate smoky look with charcoal gray tones or experiment with dark chocolate browns to add a dramatic effect to your overall look.

Lips: Cherry reds, blood reds, poppy red, rouge - try them all. It will definitely go well with your hair color.

By Day: Rosy lips with rosy blush will look good during the day; besides, it is a safer option than the dazzling red lip stain. Red lip stains are not a bad idea though!

By Night: You are your boss! Be dramatic - that's all I can say.

Poppy RedDay MakeupNight Makeup

That's about all the tips and ideas I have for you. You can try out various styles depending on your skin color and your choice of course. Have fun dolling up!