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Are Skin Whitening Pills Safe?

Are Skin Whitening Pills Safe?

Are skin whitening pills safe or not! Well, there's one thing true for sure - if you want to make your body work against nature, might as well be ready to deal with the side effects, even if a little. To unveil the truth behind the safety of such pills, latch into the following information.
Veethi Telang
Well, yes. Many are safe, provided you trust your dermatologist more than anyone else, so that you can blame him if things go wrong. Drifting gags apart, those age spots, dark acne scars, dark arms and legs, freckles, and all other skin discoloration issues associated with an uneven tone, can make your life miserable, and nothing seems to make you happy unless it doesn't go. For a long time, you may bump into every new skin whitening product that hits the block, only to switch to another one out of disgust. In hope to fight your uneven skin tone, you might want to give it a go, medically this time. But whether or not are skin whitening pills good for you is a matter of concern - not because they may have side effects, but because their authenticity has raised many eyebrows and is a matter of criticism. You know, in my view, skin whitening pills do work, and some are absolutely safe, if they're suggested by your health care provider. So, the bottom line here is, if you're disgusted with your uneven skin tone, and want to lighten, whiten, and brighten your skin, talk to your dermatologist before rushing to a pharmacy store and buying a bottle of dubious tablets inside. The following sections give you a clearer insight of exactly what makes skin whitening pills a safe bet. Enhance our skin tone we shall, but only without harboring any suspicion.

Skin Whitening Pills: How Do They Work?

Skin whitening pills which are acknowledged to be safe and contain glutathione, an antioxidant that is responsible for fighting damaged cell tissues in the skin, and vitamin C in decent amounts are known to work the best for the purpose of skin whitening. The importance of vitamin C cannot be neglected for the simple reason that it maximizes the effects of glutathione which oxidizes quickly in the absence of vitamin C. Glutathione, when consumed in adequate amounts, keeps cells from damaging and reduces toxins in the body. However, this antioxidant has a side effect, and whether or not you believe it, the side effect is skin whitening! While melanin is a pigment that causes the skin to darken, glutathione blocks melanin and causes whitening of the skin. It reverses the dark melanin pigments, and turns them into light pigments, stamping down Tyrosinase, an enzyme that catalyzes the production of melanin. Skin bleaching pills that cause whitening of the skin containing glutathione in right amounts work upon the dermis, and then the epidermis. Note that, this is the reason why one might not be able to see visible results instantly. However, regular consumption marks the onset of skin whitening right from the very first day.

What Makes Them Safe?

You know, to reach your destination, there are a number of routes. But if your aim is to reach the destination safely, you need to research about it a lot. Pills which contain glutathione, the antioxidant that prevents cell damage caused by free radicals and peroxides, are often considered to be safe. The science behind glutathione is that, while it resides within the cells of all living tissues, it is responsible for handling and routing all toxins in the body to other antioxidants functioning externally. L-glutathione is known to be one medication that safely increases glutathione levels in the body, and within a few months, enhances skin tone as well as the overall health. Those with a light-medium brown skin can expect visible results in just a couple of months, whereas, those with a comparatively darker skin, need to wait for at least 4 months to see the results. If you're bestowed with a totally black skin, well, it might take you at least a year, but you can expect remarkable results! As discussed above, you need to consume vitamin C along with glutathione, if your pill doesn't contain both. Standard safe dosage for glutathione is 3 - 4 capsules daily, along with 1000mg vitamin C (tablet form). If your skin is already white, you may consume a maximum 2 capsules on a daily basis.

It may or may not work for you, depending upon the severity of skin darkening you're victimized by. That doesn't mean you consume glutathione in amounts more than required. Well, that would do nothing but nullify the safety they carry. If you see results and notice your skin whitening, there's a lot of maintenance you've got to do. Firstly, don't stop taking these pills once your skin begins to whiten, since, you need to maintain that skin tone. 1 capsule a day is appropriate. Along with it, never go out in the sun without a sunscreen that has a sun protecting factor below 40. This will keep melanin from producing in your skin, and keep the tone of your skin intact. Your dermatologist will suggest you the skin whitening pills that have passed the laboratory analysis, and are absolutely safe to use. Make sure you're not suffering from any disease or illness, since this could reverse the effect of the pills. With that said, this should probably, make up for whether or not are skin whitening pills safe for you.