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How to Choose the Right Concealer

How to Choose the Right Concealer
Concealers are the best products for those who want to hide the scars, acne, under eye circles and other spots present on the skin.
Mamta Mule
Concealer is a great makeup product in the world of cosmetics that offers a flawless look. For those suffering from age spots, scars, blemishes, etc., this product is a blessing that gives a clean and clear look. After its application, you can start with the brushes and strokes of other makeup products.
It is basically a cosmetic product that conceals the flaws on your skin such as scars, blemishes, pimples, acne, under eye circles, and other dark spots. It needs to be applied 'on the spot/area' before application of the foundation. Choosing the best concealer is a task that needs to be done with optimum care. The final results mainly depend upon the product you have chosen, more than the way you apply it.
How to Choose it?
Perfect Shade
Choosing a concealer is not all about the brands and top-rated products in the market; there are many other things that need to be considered. Firstly, know well as to why you will be using it. For dark circles under your eyes, it has a yellow base. The one for acne has a green base that will rightly cover the redness. If you want one for covering the uneven skin tone, then go for a product matching your natural skin tone. In general, it needs to be one shade lighter than your skin tone. Usually, the foundation will be a shade darker than the concealer.
Right Consistency
These products come in various consistencies and each one gives different results. For dry skin, they come in liquid or cream form. They are a bit heavier and offer a long-lasting effect as compared to those in the powder form. They are also ideal for covering dark patches. For oily skin, they come in powder or cream form. The powder concealer will cover up light to medium dark spots, and is best for working on larger areas like cheeks and forehead. Cream consistency is perfect for covering age spots and scars. If you have seen these products in pencil form, these are best for covering thin and narrow marks or smallest spots. Those in stick form also work well for under eye circles.
Other Factors
Apart from this, you can choose the long-lasting concealers or even the waterproof ones, so that they stay on, even when you sweat. Right application is definitely one of the most important part of getting the perfect look. 'Blend, blend, and blend' is the key to get a flawless finish.
Products to Checkout
You can check out top products like bareMinerals SPF 20 Multi-Tasking, MAC's Studio Sculpt, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, Revlon Colorstay, Stila Perfecting, and Lancome Effacernes Concealer.
This product won't hide your wrinkles or fine lines. If you use it for covering up wrinkles, it might look more prominent and give an unnatural finish to your face. Using primer, another makeup base product is right way to hide the wrinkles. Also, the concealer is a product that must be restricted to hide the flaws, and not to replace the foundation! Knowing your requirement is sure to help you find the right product.