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Bleaching Cream for Melasma

Bleaching Cream for Melasma

Buying a bleaching cream for melasma is a good option to treat the skin condition. You can try this over the counter remedy after knowing well about the product you will be using. Here is some information on the same.
Mamta Mule
Melasma is a skin condition due to which the skin becomes blotchy. Brownish pigmentation slowly develops on some areas of facial skin leading to a blotchy appearance. This skin condition sometimes even spreads on neck, shoulders or arms. It mostly commonly affects women. The causes include, intake of hormonal contraceptives, sun exposure, pregnancy or scented toiletries which your skin might be allergic to. While you can, consult a dermatologist for treatment. Trying some over the counter remedies is another option that you can consider. There are various brands that offer bleaching creams for treating melasma. Moreover, most of these guarantee results. While chemical peels or laser surgery can also help in treating this condition, bleaching creams should be tried first as these are milder. Wondering which is the best bleaching cream for melasma? Here are the reviews of top products.

Best Bleaching Cream for Curing Melasma

Dermadoctor Immaculate Correction
Use Immaculate Correction potent hydroquinone-free skin whitening cream to experience a blotch-free skin. It clarifies blotches, discoloration, age spots and hyperpigmentation caused due to various reasons, giving you an even skin tone. In this process, it also tones and firms up the skin giving it a nice texture. Its rejuvenation properties cure aging skin and wrinkles. Being hyroquinone free, there are no chances of irritation, especially if your skin is sensitive to bleaching creams. Applying this cream twice a day for 6 - 12 months will give you the best results.

BIO Skin Rejuvenation by Biocutis
BIO Skin Rejuvenation is another bleaching cream. The natural enzymes present in this cream dissolve the damaged tissues & excess melanin deposits accelerating the skin renewal process. It deeply moisturizes the skin and regenerates the skin cells that are damaged due to melasma. It clears off the brown spots, blotches, age spots, and gives you a plain skin tone. Apart from hyperpigmentation removal, it also brightens your skin by lightening the overall complexion.

M2 HP Skin Refinish Cream
M2 HP skin refinish, previously known as MA Ma lotion is a good bleaching cream. It replenishes your skin, removes freckles and dark patches and skin discoloration. It also cures acne and restricts acne breakouts, tightens skin pores and brightens the skin tone. This lotion is an effective treatment as it even outs your pigmentation and soften the entire skin.

Civant Skincare Meladerm Cream
This skin lightening cream from Civant Skincare, treats age spots, freckles, birth marks and hyper-pigmentation. It not only works on the damaged areas, but brightens the overall complexion and gives a flawless appearance to your skin. You can start getting initial results within 2 - 4 weeks and will take up to 6 months to give you the complete results.

Most of the aforementioned bleaching creams use safe ingredients that do not cause side effects. Moreover, while you buy such creams it is best to check the reviews and only then opt for the product. Reading consumer reviews will help you know the experience of various consumers after using the product. In case of severe discoloration, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Taking advice from your dermatologist about the product, before using it is a good option. Also, in case you find that the problem is increasing instead of decreasing, it's best to discontinue use of the cream and consult a dermatologist for further treatment.