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Blue Light Acne Treatment

Blue Light Acne Treatment

In the following paragraphs, a small elaboration on blue light treatment for acne and its procedure has been made. To know more, read on.
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The principal cause of occurrence of acne vulgaris is of course, hormonal imbalance especially during adolescence or pregnancy. In recent times, as an alternative to the common lotions and creams, blue light treatment, sometimes known as blue light therapy is used to appreciable effect. This treatment has been recognized and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Occurrence of Acne

Before we get to know the mechanism of the blue light treatment, it is essential to know how acne affects your skin. The root cause is a gradual process. A set of sebaceous glands are present just under our skin to keep it moist and healthy. Follicles are present just above the gland and act as an outlet to the small skin hair. The combination of glands and follicles is known as a Pilosebaceous unit. The androgen stimulation (hormonal change) affects the outlet of the unit. Basically, the follicles get blocked and oil and moisture secretions of the sebaceous glands get trapped within the skin which leads to the start of acne. The major components of blockage are known as keratin and sebum , which are dry skin, dead cells, sweat, etc. The commensal bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, a kind of bacteria, which occurs naturally, starts thriving in the blockage leading to further inflammation. Diet, skin infection, genetic tendencies and excessive hormonal changes are often attributed as causes of acne. The end result is a combination of seborrhea (scaly red skin), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules (pinheads), pustules (pimples), nodules (large papules) and scars, which we broadly refer to as acne.

If you are a teenager suffering from an acne dilemma, then please note that acne in adolescence is a very common phenomenon and is universally present, the scale however considerably varies. An oil free diet, regular exercise, a different soap and a face wash, after ever 2-3 hours does the trick. It won't go away, but will substantially reduce down. The blue light therapy for acne is another very good option.

Blue Light Acne Treatment

Before you read any blue light treatment reviews, take note that this light therapy does not completely eradicate acne, but curbs down its occurrence. Also note that light therapy is a bit different from most lotions and creams, or other acne skin care products, but it is natural as no substance is used. In this kind of therapy a simple procedure is followed, wherein dermatologists kill the Propionibacterium acnes, and to some extent unblock the clogged sweat pores. Blue light rays which are concentrated and intensified, are not harsh, and are filtered to some extent. They also do not contain any UV rays that are potentially hazardous to the skin. The total blue light treatment is carried out in a series of 15-minute sessions. Some commercial products are also available wherein small lamps are used for acne treatment at home. It must be noted that these products are used to kill the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, and are to be strictly monitored. Please be very careful in using these home products and use them exactly as per the instructions of your doctor. Overuse or uncontrolled use often results into side effects, such as excessively dry skin, small rashes, burns, etc. which can be painful.

Your doctor will be the best judge of your condition as blue light treatment is not used for all cases, though mild to moderate cases can be treated best with the blue light. The inflammatory acne which is caused as a result of the predominance of the bacteria is best treated with blue light therapy. The first disadvantage of blue light for acne treatment is the less prevalent use. This has left the therapy sort of unproven, and is not always deemed to be the best acne treatment. The less prevalence has also led to the high cost of the treatment. The second disadvantage is that it tends to eradicate only the bacteria and not the remaining blockages.

Blue light treatment is a fairly new solution for acne. However, it is of essence that one strictly sticks to the doctors instructions. The simpler aforementioned solutions and natural acne cures such as proper diet and face wash will take care of the rest.