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Body Wrap Reviews

Body Wrap Reviews

Body wraps promise to help you lose a few inches in very short time. However, do they really work for everyone? Slimming body wrap reviews given in this article will help you understand the truth behind this very famous spa treatment.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Who doesn't wish to shed a few pounds and look great in that slim outfit? Losing weight is often on our cards; however, we rarely take conscious efforts towards achieving it. Conventional and reliable ways of weight loss, such as diet and exercises take quite some time to produce results. However, most of the time, the need for weight loss only dawns upon us, when we have an important event lined up. During such times, we wish to instantly lose a few pounds to look dapper. In such cases, body wraps can help you accomplish your wish. Nope, they won't actually help you lose weight, but they can definitely take a few inches away from you.


Before we get into the details of various body wraps, such as herbal or infrared body wraps, it is important to understand what are they and how do they work. They are a type of spa treatment in which problem areas on the body are applied with a therapeutic material and then tightly wrapped with bandages. The therapeutic material used for wraps can vary to a great extent from clay, seaweed, mud, to herbs. This material has the properties to absorb toxic materials from your body and detoxify it. Toxic waste material greatly contributes to the flab on your body. Getting rid of this material also makes you lose inches and look slimmer. The slimming body wrap also squeezes the water out of the fat cells, thereby shrinking them. This also contributes to the reduction in your size. Besides, the removal of toxins also makes your skin soft, supple, and clear. According to some reviews, body wraps also improve your overall health. Infrared wraps are used for relieving pain; however, they offer minimum inch loss and detoxification.

Body wraps usually come in a pack including the therapeutic and the wrapping material (bandage). The instructions for application differ according to the type of body wrap. Some require you to soak the material and the bandage together and then tightly wrap your body part from where you wish to take the inches. Some others may require you to apply the material on your body and then wrap the wet bandages over it. Making them at home is also very much possible, as you only need a material, like clay, mud, or herbs. A homemade one works in pretty much the same way as commercial one.

Do Body Wraps Work

If you are planning to use body wraps for weight loss, then chances are that you might end up with a lot of disappointment. Remember, there is a lot of difference between inch and fat loss. When you use body wrap to lose inches, you only achieve a slimmer look without significant fat loss. Fat loss can only come from burning calories. Reduction in food intake (diet) and/or increased activity (exercises) are the only ways of burning calories. Hence, you cannot expect permanent weight loss from these body wraps. Besides, they may not work for some people or some areas on your body. When you use it for the first time, the result is rarely visible. However, it eventually improves with every use. If you keep your expectations to minimum and only expect a slimmer look for a special occasion, then this product can satisfy you.

Going by the reviews, one can say that this product is a cost-effective way of attaining a slimmer look in short time. For lasting results, you have no choice but to turn to the conventional methods of diet and exercises.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.