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Brow Lift Recovery Time

Brow Lift Recovery Time

A brow lift surgery can mean the world of difference to someone who has drooping brows and appears perpetually worried or sad. But what about the recovery? Here is an article that will solve your doubts.
Gauri Huddar
Any cosmetic surgery, although a quick fix solution, does take some time to show its effects completely. Even the healing takes time. So here is a breakdown in the time-line of the healing process, after you have undergone a brow lift surgery.

What to Expect After a Brow Lift Surgery
A little swelling and bruising under the lower eyelids can be expected. Headache is another common occurrence. The recovery from endoscopic brow lift is usually faster than other techniques. Some people may also experience itching, which may persist for a few months. You may also experience numbness or tingling around the brows, complications like difficulty in moving the eyebrows, loss of sensation around the place where the incision was made, etc. These complications are rare. The incisions will also leave scars, and these will take a few months to disappear completely. When you experience discomfort in the first couple of days, do not take any over the counter medication without consulting your doctor.

Removal of Dressing and Drain Tubes
The dressing and the drain tubes will be taken out in about two to four day's time, before which you should not wash your hair. This period can extend if proper care is not taken. After the surgery, keep your head elevated whenever you sleep. Use two or three pillows to keep your head at an elevated level as compared to your body. During the week following surgery, strictly do not lift any weights, since that will put a strain on the nerves of your face.

Removal of Stitches, Fixation Screws and Staples
Fixation screws and staples are not always necessary, so you may or may not have them. The stitches will be present, but the staples and the fixation screws will be needed only if you are undergoing extreme brow lift. These should be taken out by your surgeon in approximately two week's time, although this is not a fixed deadline. It may vary depending on your personal speed of recovery and your health.

Resuming Activities
Normal activities can be resumed around two weeks after the surgery. During this period, avoid straining, bending and other vigorous activities like working out and sports. Wait at least for a couple of months to resume these strenuous activities . During and after the initial two weeks, you will have to be really careful about your skin. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Apply sun block in case direct exposure cannot be totally avoided.

Time for Results to Show
The results will become visible gradually over a period of 6 months or more, depending on the scale of the procedure you have undergone. Sometimes, results may become visible within a couple of months, while in some rare cases, they may take as long as a year to become noticeable. The healing is pretty slow, so you will have to wait several weeks to actually see the results of the surgery. The scars, if any, should start to fade in a few months. If they don't, or if there are some other complications like swelling, 'melting' of the brow, any other unusual sign or discomfort after the first month, it is best to pay a visit to your surgeon.

How Long will the Results Last?
Brow lift surgery is a pretty lasting procedure. Patients have given positive feedback about their appearance and confidence after the surgery. The results should typically last for quite a few years after the surgery. This timeline depends greatly on the lifestyle you live. Excessive smoking and drinking will not help in any way. Lack of sleep over a period of time, unhealthy eating habits, etc., all contribute to factors working against the surgery, and will reduce the effects of the surgery by a considerable amount of time. To some extent, the results also depend on hereditary factors. It is advisable to inform your surgeon about your complete medical history, before opting for any procedure.

Recovery Time According to Surgery
  • Endoscopic Surgery: Dressing will come out the day after the surgery, and staples and sutures after two weeks.
  • Hairline Brow Lift: Dressing and ice packs have to be changed every hour. The sutures and staples come off after a week.
  • Transblepharoplasty Surgery: Dressing may come off in 2 - 4 days, and recovery time is usually 2 weeks.
  • Mid Forehead and Direct Brow Lift: An overnight stay is required for this surgery. Staples and sutures will come off after a week. A visit to your surgeon is advised after the second week. Rest is required for at least one month following surgery, after which normal activities can be safely resumed.
After the surgery is over, do NOT neglect the aftercare by sitting back and relaxing. There are a host of aftercare instructions to adhere to. Pay regular weekly/ monthly visits to your surgeon, and keep him updated on your recovery and progress. If at any point of time, you have any concerns or doubts, do not hesitate to ask your surgeon for answers and get your doubts cleared. This is not a major cosmetic procedure, so it won't put you out of action for too long. You should be up and about within a couple of weeks at the most.