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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Are you planning to undergo a brow lift surgery? Wondering how is an endoscopic brow lift performed? Scroll down to find out more about this cosmetic surgery.
Smita Pandit
Eyes are definitely one of the most prominent facial features, and blessed are those who have beautiful eyes and well-defined eyebrows. The shape of one's eyes and eyebrows certainly has a great effect on one's facial symmetry. However, as one ages, the skin around the eyes starts getting affected by the inevitable process of aging. Many women feel dejected when they see fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin rob them off their good looks. At this time, cosmetic surgery certainly seems like a viable option to get back the youthful look. Cosmetic surgery involves pulling back the loose or sagging skin so as to reverse the effect of aging.

A brow lift, also known as browplasty or forehead lift, is one such surgical procedure wherein the lax skin around the forehead, especially the eyebrows is tightened, so as to get rid of the frown lines. The sagging skin that makes the eyebrows look droopy, can be raised to make one look younger. The traditional brow lift procedure that involves making a large incision that extends from one ear to another, leaves behind a large scar that may take longer to heal which is why many people prefer to undergo a minimally-invasive procedure called endoscopic brow lift. In this article, we will look into various aspects regarding this minimally-invasive procedure.

Endoscopic Browplasty


If the skin on your forehead is sagging too much, or your eyebrows look furrowed or droopy, then you are a good candidate for this brow enhancement surgery. If you are really bothered by the way you look, you can consult a plastic surgeon about the pros and cons of a brow lift surgery. After all, there are certain risks involved with going under the knife, and you would also be shelling lots of money. However, the risks involved in an endoscopic brow lift are considerably lesser than those involved in traditional browplasty. Let me tell you how this minimally invasive procedure is performed. The reason why this surgery is called endoscopic browplasty, is due to use of a device called an endoscope. To perform this procedure, the surgeon makes a few tiny incisions over the scalp and one incision each on either side of the forehead or the temple.

An endoscope, which is sometimes, also referred to as a surgical telescope, is basically a slender device that contains a tiny camera. The endoscope is inserted through the incisions. These images can be seen on a video monitor, and the surgeon refers to these images while removing the excess fat or tissues. The muscles are tightened and the eyebrows are lifted in a desirable position. Suturing techniques are then used and incisions on the scalp are closed. The last step involves the application of a dressing or a forehead wrap. These days, a small bioabsorbable fixation device called endotine is being used in place of sutures. This device is placed onto tissues of the scalp around the eyebrows in order to facilitate the fixation of the eyebrows in this position. This device is made from a co-polymer, and is absorbed within a few months.


Well, those of you who are planning to undergo this surgery, may be wondering about aspects such as aftercare measures, recovery time and the possible complications involved with this surgery. While the surgery may take about a couple of hours, you will have to wait for some time, to actually see the desired outcome. Though the incisions are tiny, one may still experience symptoms such as swelling and postoperative pain. One would also have to take extra care and refrain from any activity that may stress the facial muscles. The stitches would be removed in a week, and most of these symptoms may subside within a couple of weeks. However, one may experience numbness around the incisions for some more time. Usually, one can resume with the routine activities within a couple of weeks, but there is a need to refrain from undergoing beauty treatments. One must not indulge in strenuous activities at least for a couple of months or until the time period that would be recommended by the doctor.

Since endoscopic eyebrow or forehead lift doesn't involve making a large incision, it is relatively safer and is certainly the best option for those who are suffering from the problem of thinning hair. However, certain risks are involved in this minimally invasive surgery as well. For instance, the risk of infection, bleeding or forehead paralysis cannot be ruled out. One of the biggest problem is that of the surgery going wrong. One may end up with asymmetrical eyebrows or unnatural expressions if the surgery is not performed carefully. The use of endotines can also cause problems. Usually endotines take about six months to get absorbed, and until this device gets absorbed, one may feel the device on touching the forehead. Since the cost of endoscopic eyebrow lift can range from $4,000 to $6,000, you need to be sure whether this surgery will work for you. You must make sure that this surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, who is known for providing the best results.

This was a brief overview on endoscopic brow lift. If you are planning to undergo this cosmetic surgery, look for an experienced plastic surgeon, and do inquire about all aspects of brow lift in the first visit. The real purpose of the surgery would be defeated if you end up with unnatural facial expressions after the surgery. Don't make the mistake of letting an inexperienced plastic surgeon perform the surgery. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry!