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How Much Does Electrolysis Cost

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost

If you are wondering how much does electrolysis cost, note that it largely depends on how much and which area is to be treated...
Stephen Rampur
Nowadays, people want to look more beautiful. And to look this way, individuals opt for several different types of treatments available in the cosmetic industry today. There is a common belief that to look attractive, your should not have hair in certain areas. In order to get rid of the hair in inappropriate areas on the body, there are few treatment alternatives. One such treatment method is known as electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

This is a cosmetic method of hair removal wherein the hair follicles are treated upon, due to which they do not produce hair in the operated area. The actual procedure involves a needle being put in the hair follicle and electric current being passed through the needle, after which the treated follicle will no longer be able to grow hair in the future. Therefore, it is considered as a permanent hair removal option. Using this method, hair can be removed permanently from almost anywhere on the body. Now, let us get to know about the permanent hair removal cost.

Electrolysis Cost

Realistically, the cost cannot be exactly arrived at due to the various body parts that are involved which obviously differ in the amount of energy and time needed. It depends on a variety of factors such as the part of the body, the extent of the area, number of visits required, state and city of treatment, and most importantly the per hour cost of the treatment.

If your hair is coarse and deep, you may require multiple visits which may add up to the cost significantly. It may even take months or a year to complete the full hair removal treatment. If the hair type is delicate and tiny such as present on a woman's upper lip, only few treatment settings may be required, which last for some minutes. If the cost is considered generally, it ranges from approximately $25 to $150 per hour. As this is a cosmetic surgery, a majority of insurance plans might not have any covers and provisions.

If the hair on a woman's upper lip is to be removed, the overall cost will start from somewhere around $350 to $900, which would include 15 to 40 individual sittings that last for around 15 minutes each. If the hair on the bikini line is to be removed, the total cost may range from $1,100 to $1,800, with 25 to 40 sittings, lasting for around 30 minutes each. For underarm hair removal, the cost would fall in the same range as the cost for removing hair on the bikini line. The cost of removing hair on a man's back can range from $1,000 to even $26,000, with an hour allotted for each sitting. The aggregate cost of getting the hair removed from over the legs ranges from $9,000 to $22,000, with 100 to 225 visits, lasting for around an hour or so.

So, the overall electrolysis cost is unpredictable, and may depend on the number of treatments, the part that needs to be treated, and the per hour charges. The costs may further vary according to the facility that you opt for the treatment, which includes the geographical location.