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Emo Eye Makeup

Emo Eye Makeup Tips to Resemble Perfect Dark Makeup Look of '70s

Emo is a subculture linked to the hardcore punk rock scene in the mid 1970s. This write-up provides tips for applying dark eye makeup to achieve the true emo look.
Smita Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
The term 'emo' is the abbreviated form of emotional hardcore. It has its roots in the punk rock scene. This subculture is associated with the evolution of a distinct genre of music, art, fashion, etc. As far as the fashion is concerned, the emo youth wear dramatic makeup and dress androgynously. They are sensitive, emotional, and touchy. Their leanings are towards dark poetry and the gloomy side of life and this is also reflected in the way they carry themselves. Black clothes and dramatic, dark eye makeup is an important part of their look.
How to Apply Emo Makeup for Eyes
Look around for people who believe in this subculture and you will find pale and sunken faces with dark makeup. To sport this look, you need to apply primer or an eyeshadow base over the eyelids. This will allow the makeup to last longer. Apply black/gray eyeshadow over your eyelids using an eye shadow brush. You could also add colors such as red or purple to the outer corners. Apply a black eyeliner to the bottom lash line and the upper eyelid generously in thick strokes. Make sure that you apply eyeliner in such a way that the eyeliner ends meet at the corner. You could make the eyeliner at the outer corner slant slightly upwards towards the temples. Apply mascara, but make sure that it doesn't get messy. Applying several coats of mascara could give the fake eyelash effect that is required to complete the emo look.
True Emo Look
Girls, you can dress up and don the typical hairdo, but the look will be far from complete and others will call you a poser, if you don't apply the right kind of eye makeup. You can try the pale look, fantasy look or the catty eyes. For catty eyes, use the basic makeup technique, but make sure that the eyeliner meets at the inner and outer corners. You can also apply a dash of bright eyeshadow on the outer side of upper and lower eyelids.
For the fantasy look, use a thick line for the upper eyelid and a thin one for the lower eyelid. Apply dark eyeshadow above the eyeliner around the upper and lower eyelids. Use bright and shimmering pink mascara to the eye lashes.
To create a dramatic look, you can use colors like magenta, purple, lilac, olive, or deep blue. You could also use volumizing mascara with a glossy shine, or put long fake eyelashes to get smoky eyes for a theatrical look.
You could use the aforementioned makeup ideas for expressing your faith in this subculture. For those who don't believe in subtle makeup and like to try dramatic eye makeup, the emo makeup might be the perfect choice.
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