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Lip Hair Laser Removal

This procedure involves bombarding a beam of light on the lip area to eliminate hair from the root. Read the following write-up to know about the advantages of this new innovative technique.
BeautiSecrets Staff
We understand that most men are proud of their beard and women love to flaunt their unique blonde hairstyle but lip hair is something that can only bring embarrassment, especially when attending a social event. Although there are quite a few options to remove those unsightly hair, the most effective is lip hair laser removal technique.
In this procedure a beam of light is made to strike the affected part of the body that shows excessive hair growth. This intense beam of light has a very small wavelength, hence is invisible to the naked eye. This pulsating light beam not only hits the skin's surface but penetrates through it and attacks the hair follicle from where the hair actually grow. A hair follicle is a small pouch (a tubular structure) that holds the root of a hair. So, when the beam of light comes in contact with the skin, it damages the hair follicle, thus ensuring that the hair does not regrow again for a considerable amount of time. Although the laser beam penetrates the lip and generates heat to produce damaging effects on the hair follicle, it does not cause harm to the superficial or the inner layer of the skin.
Number of Sessions
The number of sessions and the amount of time required is totally dependent on the area under consideration. In case of lips, the area is not large and hence the patient will have to spend only a few minutes for every session. Just one session of hair laser removal may be sufficient to remove unwanted hair from lips. In some cases, the person will have to undergo 3-4 sessions of laser therapy to get long-lasting results. However, this does not mean that the person has to go to the clinic for consecutive 3 days, everyday to complete the course of laser therapy sessions. After every session a time gap of 1-2 months is maintained to check the results. During the interval between each session, the doctor decides whether the patient is in need of another session of laser therapy.
Is it Painless?
The person might experience a stinging sensation when the beam hits the lip area. However, this unpleasant feeling during a laser therapy session is well tolerable. In order to reduce the pain, the doctor may apply a numbing cream on the lips.
Side Effects
The side effects are temporary and the ones that occur are in the form of lightened skin, which may last for a few days. People with dark skin are predisposed to this temporary change in color post laser hair removal treatment. In fair-skinned people, the targeted skin may temporarily turn slightly dark. Formation of scabs or blisters on the affected area is another rare side effect of this procedure. However, if these side effects last for more than a month, one must immediately get in touch with the concerned doctor.
Is it Expensive?
As only a small area is involved and not the entire facial area, the charges are budget friendly. Typically, one may have to spend around $100 for every session of lower or upper lip hair removal.
Are Results Temporary or Permanent?
Using this hair removal technique does not necessarily mean permanently disabling the hair follicle's ability to regrow hair. Strands of hair may erupt after treatment, but it will take several weeks or even months before this happens. There have been cases wherein the hair follicles have shown resistance against damage but again that is a rarity.
There are different types of laser such as Nd:YAG or diode laser and each one is developed for specific skin type. Also, the setting of the laser instrument has to be done properly to get the desired result. So, one must consult a certified practitioner who has an extensive experience in handling this laser instrument. Inappropriate use of laser can lead to the formation of scars on the targeted area.
Hair removal methods like shaving or waxing cut off superficial hair but have no effect on the hair follicles. So, these hair removal techniques have to be done daily or at regular intervals to keep the lips free from hair. However, this is not the case with this procedure, as the results are satisfactory and long-lasting.