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Choose the Best Eyeliner Color for Green Eyes and Look Ravishing

Eyeliner for Green Eyes
Choosing the right eyeliner will help in enhancing the beauty of your eyes. This article will give you more information on eyeliner tips for green eyes.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
Green is one of the rarest eye colors in the world and definitely one of the most attractive one. However, those having green eyes are always in search for the perfect make up for their eyes. Although green eyes always attract a lot of attention, there are several eye makeup tips that can help in giving a further dramatic effect to these eyes.
Best Eyeliner Color for Green Eyes
Before looking for the perfect eyeliner, you should decide whether you wish to go for a bold look, or a mild and softer look. If you have bright green colored eyes, you might like to go for subtle eyeliner. On the other hand, a bolder or darker eyeliner is the best for light green eyes. One of the simplest tips to remember is that darker the eyeliner, brighter your eyes will appear. Therefore, you can choose one according to the effect you wish to have.
Black, Dark Brown, Deep Purple
These are some of the most basic colors for eyeliner where you cannot go wrong. These eyeliners make eyes appear brighter and greener.
Set of colorful eyeliners
Violet, Purple, Plum
These colors are complete a contrast to green, and hence, can make your eyes appear greener. A contrast eyeliner is also used when you wish to shift the entire focus to your eyes.
Set of eyeliners
Light Brown, Gold, Bronze
Brown eyeliner can be preferred over black for day wear as it is a lot subtler. These colors are used to create a softer look as opposite to the above colors.
Bunch of eyeliners
Blue, Teal, Indigo
If you wish to create further softer and cooler look, then you can go for these colors. Peculiarly, using blue eyeliner will make eyes appear bluish-green.
Cosmetic pencils
Now, if you are looking for colors to be avoided, then avoid extremely light colors like light blue, silver, pastels, white, etc. These colors will make your eyes appear dull and light. Secondly, if you have a pale complexion, using extremely light eyeliner will make you appear washed out. Using darker shades like burgundy, plum, brown, etc., can make green eyes appear brighter, and hence, are the best. As you have pale skin (most people with blond hair have pale skin), you should avoid lighter eyeliner.
Tips on Using Eyeliner
One of the most important makeup tips is that you should never use a lighter eyeliner if you have light green eyes. Always use darker or contrasting colors to make your eyes appear greener.
Those with dark green eyes have more liberty of using colors and can use any eyeliner; except for the aforementioned colors to be avoided.
Using darker eyeliner will also help in making your eyes appear larger. This is recommended for evening wear and not for day wear.
You can prefer a winged eyeliner if you wish to make your eyes appear smaller. However, this is usually preferred for informal or casual events.
Another eyeliner trick is to apply the liner only on the outer 'V' of the eye, rather than the entire eye, for a dramatic look.
There are several brands of eyeliners available in the market, in the form of pencil or liquids. You should go for the one that is easy to apply and does not smear.
Lastly, remember to also consider the color of your skin, lipstick, and blush while choosing and applying the eyeliner.