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Facial Hair Removal Cream for Women

Facial Hair Removal Cream for Women

Facial hair removal cream for women help you remove unwanted hair in the privacy of your home. Read the article to find out which facial creams are safe to use.
Sheetal Mandora
Finding that one facial hair removal cream for women can be a painful experience, more so than getting waxed. Alright, all jokes aside, let's get serious because facial hair is nothing to kid about. Unsightly, unwanted facial hair can seriously lower someone's self-esteem and confidence levels. Nowadays, as appearances are a big part of all sectors of life, the requirement to look your best is that much essential. With all the different types of facial hair removal methods, it's no wonder more and more women are taking various steps.

As there are tons of facial hair removal products for women available in market, it can be pretty difficult to know which ones to choose. And since no one likes to feel the pain of removing unwanted hair from any part of the body, these special creams bring in a painless hair removal experience. But before you can go ahead and purchase one for yourself, you need to select which brand of cream suits you decently. Most of the women's facial hair removal creams are inexpensive and are available in different beauty shops and departmental stores. So if one doesn't work for you, there's no reason to freak out. Keep your receipt as some stores accept returns if a customer isn't completely satisfied.


As discussed earlier that there are many manufacturers, purchasing it over-the-counter or via prescription can be turned into a smooth process. The first thing you need to do is check what are the advantages of that specific product and which is the best cream for women? And to get the right answer, here are some cross-reference tips.
  • The product is easy to use
  • It doesn't take too much time
  • Cream can be used on other parts of your body
  • Removes hair instantly and is pain-free
  • Can remove hair from upper lips, legs and eyebrows
  • Doesn't give razor burns or red bumps
  • Your skin doesn't become irritated
  • Hair growth is fine, less visible
When you get positive answers to these concerns, you will know that these creams, whichever one you choose, is right for you.

Different Creams

In this section, we will go over the different creams that are available in market today that promise the best results. So let's go over each of these products for facial hair removal and see what each of them promise.

Cream #1: The first cream on our list is called Vaniqa. Available through prescription, Vaniqa is FDA approved. It claims to reduce overall rate of hair growth if you use it for about 4 to 8 weeks, at least 2 times a day.

Cream #2: This cream claims to remove hair painlessly, quickly, and a promise of lesser growth of hair. Revitol contains a special blend of bioactive plant extracts that seeps inside your hair follicle, breaks them up, and softens your hair shaft. This way, the coarseness and thickness of hair reduces.

Cream #3: Another popular facial cream is Surgi Cream. The cream is designed according to different skin types and contains papaya, pro-vitamin B2, aloe vera, and citrus. These ingredients help calm the skin after using the cream and also moisturizes it.

Cream #4: The final, yet popular cream for hair removal is Nair. The cream has sunflower seed oil as an ingredient which moisturizes the skin at the same time. With its easy glide-on tube, using Nair upper lip hair removal cream is really beneficial.

The results of these creams is not permanent and will not stop hair growth. Talk to your dermatologist before you select and use any of these or other hair removal products. Oh and one more thing, don't forget to test a small patch on your arm before using it on your face. You can never be too careful.