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Facial Hair Removal for Women

Facial Hair Removal for Women

Facial hair can be very embarrassing for women. If you are confused about which technique to use for removing facial hair, then here is some help.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
A thin line of hair above lips is enough to send any woman in depression. A stray hair on a chin right before a date, seems like a reason enough to commit suicide! Now wait a moment before you are all ready to challenge your femininity. Do not let a strand of hair at a wrong place hamper your self-esteem. There is a lot you can do to get rid of those visible or invisible hair on your face. If you take a walk through a supermarket, you'll see shelves overflowing with hair removal products. However, you must understand that you cannot use just any of the commercially available hair removing products for removing facial hair.

Facial Hair Removal for Women

The choice of a hair removal method is greatly dictated by the growth of hair, coarseness and location. While some methods are effective for smaller, narrower areas such as upper lips, chin, others can be effectively used for removing hair on broader areas such as cheeks, neck, forehead etc.

Although, shaving is a quick, painless method of removing unwanted hair, it should never be used for removing facial hair, if you are a woman. Shaving not only aggravates the growth of hair, but the hair that grows back is thicker and darker. This is because shaving does not remove hair from its root, only cuts it off the surface. Hence you'll have to shave it off more frequently to make your skin smooth. Thus, shaving is a strict no-no for women.

Tweezing is only helpful when you want to get rid of random hair grown here and there. You'll only need a pair of tweezers to carry out the task. You'll experience a little pain which lasts only for a while. Eventually, you will become used to the pain. Tweezing is something you can do once or twice a week, depending upon your hair growth.

Depilatory Cream
There are several depilatory creams, gels and lotions available in the market. They are a good way of removing facial hair. All you have to do is apply them on the skin and wipe off after a few minutes. The method is quick and there is no pain involved. However, the flip side of depilatory creams is, that they have a high content of chemicals which can irritate your skin. Hence, people with sensitive skin should steer clear of them. Moreover, prolonged use of depilatory creams darkens your skin.

Bleach is the most harmless method of camouflaging facial hair, as no damage to hair is involved. Bleaching is not a method of hair removal, nonetheless, it gives you a hair free appearance. Bleach colors your hair the same color as your skin, so that the hair cannot be noticed. This method is effective only if you have light growth of hair, that is hardly visible. Again, some bleaching creams are known to irritate skin, hence always go for a patch test on your hand before applying it on your face.

In spite of all the pain involved, waxing remains the most preferred method of facial hair removal in women. The reason is that waxing eradicates the hair from its root, hence there is no effect on the growth of hair. Moreover, with waxing you can enjoy more weeks of hair free skin. The only disadvantage of waxing is that since it pulls the skin, it may lead to sagging of skin, over the years.

Threading is an ancient practice of hair removal. It originated in Middle East but is now practiced all over the world. It involves uprooting the hair by trapping them in tiny knots in a cotton thread. It is quick, though a bit painful method of hair removal. It is ideal for removing facial hair that are fine and sparse. The hair takes about 2 to 3 weeks to grow back, thus you can enjoy longer periods of hair free skin. It does not have any side effects if done in a proper way. The only flip side is that finding a threading expert can be a task.

Electrolysis is a method of permanent hair removal. It targets one hair at a time by passing mild electric currents which deactivate the root. The method is painful and you may have to undergo several sessions before you actually acquire a hair free skin. Electrolysis is now being replaced by laser.

Laser procedure for hair removal includes passing a beam of laser on the skin, to deactivate the roots of hair in that area. Unlike electrolysis, laser targets several hundred hair at a time. Hence, the procedure is not all that time-consuming and there may not be any need for multiple sessions. Although, laser relieves you permanently from facial hair, the treatment does not come cheap. Moreover, people with light hair benefit little from laser treatment of removing facial hair. Fair skinned people with dark hair are ideal candidates for this treatment, though dark skinned people too can benefit from this procedure when performed by an expert.

You must have noticed that every method of facial hair removal for women, has its own pros and cons. You'll yourself have to work upon which method to opt for removing facial hair. If you have excessive hair growth, consult your physician to rule out any possibility of hormonal imbalance or other underlying medical condition.