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Facial Skin Care with Creams and Moisturizers

If those endless visits to the parlor are not yielding any astounding results, it's time you looked into the dos and don'ts of facial skin care. Here are some ways you can get your facial creams and moisturizers to give you the best possible results.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Skin that breathes easy and glows is probably the best fashion accessory you could ever procure. Skin care is of prime importance in today's fast paced world. If you follow an appropriate routine, you can save yourself loads of time and energy that is spent in endless trips to the beauty salons. Browse through the latest malls or flip through any leading glossy and you are bound to come across pics or posters, that ooze all the charm and attitude to woo you. But wait a second, you need to know your skin, before you try anything, that's in.
Remember the basics, your facial care routine has to involve 3 basic steps. But first, determine your skin type. It could be oily, dry or a combination of the two.
Once you know your skin type, the first basic step to facial care is cleansing. A look through the shops would reveal a plethora of facial cleanser creams that range from the very mild to deep cleansers. Always cleanse your face at night. Once you have applied the facial cleanser cream, massage it gently in circular motions and upward strokes on the neck. Use a soft cotton or tissue to wipe off the cream later. Apart from this cleansing routine at night, you can even simply wash your face with warm water in the morning. This helps to wash off any excess oil or grime on the face. Warm water helps to loosen dirt and clean the pores. Most dermatologists also offer advice to their patients to avoid the usage of soap. Soap tends to strip the skin off its natural oils. You can even try lipid-free facial cleansers that assist facial care without the use of lipids/fats.
Apart from the facial cream used to cleanse your face, there are innovations in the market with the introduction of the cleansing pouch. This pouch holds all the ingredients between two cloths. The fibers of the cloth release the ingredients onto the skin. Deep pore facial cleansers are best used for the removal of make up. Ensure you use the right product to wipe off the grime after you come back home from a tub thumping party.
Scrubs can have a magical effect on your face. But unfortunately, this is also one step of skin care that often gets overlooked. This process, if done once a week, can keep your skin glowing for years. Scrubs prove to be very effective because they remove the top layer of the dead skin cells. These cells generally cause the skin to look dull. Therefore, with weekly exfoliation, the skin tends to look youthful, week after week. Major brands have developed scrubs that incorporate different ingredients to suit various skin types. Check out which combo suits you the best and then go ahead.
Facial toners also help in removing the excess dirt and grime. The choice, of course, rests solely upon you.
Skin moisturizers are not meant only for dry skin. Contrary to popular belief, skin moisturizers are meant for all skin types. The best facial moisturizer hydrates the skin. Moisturizers are available in the form of lotions and creams and also in a heavy to light consistency. For your skin to remain smooth and supple, facial moisturizers play an important role in guarding it against the strong winds and exposure to sun. A lot of moisturizers are also available with UV protection ingredients. Be wary of heavy facial creams that can tend to be greasy when applied, as this would attract unnecessary dirt and grime when you step out of the house. Over moisturizing tends to also block pores, which can further lead to acne.
A daily facial skin care routine can work wonders for you. Your face represents who you are and all your skin requires is some personal attention and care! I think this is not too much to ask for, considering the fact that your skin can radiate forever.