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Tips for Buying the Right Spa Equipment

Tips for Buying the Right Spa Equipment

Are you thinking of launching your own spa? Starting off at the right foot includes installing the best, state-of-the-art, and hygienic equipment. This article gives you a list of the essentials you will need to buy for running a fully-equipped spa.
Kashmira Lad
I am sure most women by now know that, beauty is not just about endless trips to the parlors, but it also depends on how you feel from within. If the inner self is relaxed and happy, it obviously causes a natural glow on the face, which no beauty product can ever achieve. Spas have become very popular among most professionals today. These offer a plethora of options to pamper you and revive you from within. Relaxing massages, luxurious body treatments, facials, hot baths are just a few things being offered at most spas today. It is one such place that offers a wide range of beauty and health treatments that can help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Visits to the spas are widely increasing as these help the person tackle their diet problems and also help them manage stress. Basically, with so many options under one roof, it is no wonder most people make a beeline for spas in a hope to revive themselves for the week ahead!

If you are planning to start your own spa, then there are various factors you will need to consider. Space and the budget are of primary concern. Your clients will definitely expect plush interiors and up to the mark professionals tending to their needs. The equipment comes in at the next position and is most important for providing efficient services to your clients. After all, if the beauty treatments are not satisfactory due to substandard equipment or lack of the right equipment, you definitely will have loads to worry about as your clients will shy away from another visit to the spa. Here is a compilation of a few must-haves that you need to include before beginning your spa.

Buying the Right Spa Equipment

Even if you have a highly trained therapist, the right equipment is needed to conduct the various treatments effectively. This also depends on the therapies. Water based therapies are fast gaining popularity amongst people. Hydrotherapy, Kneipp Kur, Balneology, and Ionization are some of the ancient therapies being used. For such therapies you can go in for-

Hydrotherapy Tub: This is a single user treatment tub and has various enhancements systems, which are needed to produce air and water jets and also an underwater massage. They have self-cleaning systems. Some of the newer models have a pipeless technique being used so that there is no chance of any infections.

Thermal Capsule: This is a very important unit for water-based therapies. This provides complete privacy to the user and it also contains the other treatment products or packs needed for the therapy.

Apart from these, you can inquire about vichy showers (horizontal shower systems), Swiss showers (that use many shower nozzles spraying water from 3 to 4 directions), Jacuzzi type whirlpool baths, and scotch hoses that are used by therapists to massage the clients in various ways.

The right massage table is very important which goes in providing the right amount of comfort for the client. Specifically designed tables like the alpha spa machine, which is shaped like an oval capsule, where the client can experience the effects of aromatherapy and massages within this capsule. You can also look for a canopy that can be placed over the client where the steam is pumped in. You need to consult with your therapist to choose the most suitable one.

The skincare or facial routines will require you to incorporate a whole lot of spa equipment that are designed to suit the various functions. Look for good steamers, multifunctional facial and massage tables, contoured stools, equipment needed for exfoliation, sterilizers, paraffin baths, hot towel cabinets, etc. The layout of the room should be planned to provide better mobility for your therapist and should also provide enough privacy for the clients.

The hair treatments will also require you to invest in equipment that provides comfort with a touch of class. Look for multifunctional chairs with proper head rests and choose those, which blend well with the interiors of the spa.

I am hoping these tips will help you in picking the appropriate items and enable you to provide the best services that truly pamper your clients and will have them coming back for more.
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