Firming Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Firming Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Loose or hanging skin is a common side effect that is manifested after shedding too many kilos within a short time. Firming loose skin after weight loss can be done effectively with certain home remedies or by means of therapeutic interventions.
BeautiSecrets Staff
Apart from an unsightly appearance, obesity is associated with certain health conditions. But, losing weight to a large extent is also not free from certain side effects, that can be both positive and negative. The positive effects include reducing the risk of obesity-related diseases, enhancing stamina, and increasing one's self-esteem, while the negative side effects are hanging skin, stretch marks, and eating disorders, which lead to malnutrition.

Eating disorders are not observed in all people and can be combated by consulting a dietitian. But, loose or hanging skin is the most annoying side effect, which requires special attention. It develops especially in the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs as the skin stretched due to accumulated fats is not given enough time to tighten itself. Firming loose skin is possible by following certain effective methods.

Methods to Firm Hanging Skin

In order to tighten sagging skin, you need to be very patient, and take some time out every day to groom the affected skin area. Tautening loose skin in the natural way is always better, as there are no long-term effects. The following is a list of the effective ways to tighten sagging skin.

Tighten the Muscles
Making the muscles firm is necessary in order to tighten skin after weight loss. You can seek advice from your personal physical trainer about aerobics, strength training, and bodybuilding exercises to tighten the loose skin. Follow the tips, and you will notice improvements in your skin condition within a few months.

Check the Diet
The overall health of the skin depends upon our diet and lifestyle habits. For skin rejuvenation, you should incorporate healthy food items in your regular diet plan, and make necessary dietary changes as per the guidelines suggested by the dietitian. Consequently, stay away from harmful lifestyle habits like excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol, which dehydrate and worsen the skin condition.

Use Skin Firming Lotions
There are many cosmetic brands that offer skin firming creams and lotions. Most of these lotions are formulated with ingredients that promote collagen production for increasing the skin's elasticity. You might have come across cheap products that promise to have effective results within a short time. Never trust the promotional hype; rather, you analyze the reviews and buy products that have many satisfactory consumers.

Surgical Procedure
You can opt for cosmetic surgery as the last resort for getting rid of loose skin. As with any type of operation, there are certain risks associated with the procedure. The same is with abdominoplasty, plastic surgery, or any other skin-firming surgical procedure. Gather information regarding the pros and cons of the surgery, and think well before you choose to get operated.

Though skin possesses a natural ability to tighten on its own, it varies from one person to another, depending upon the age, elasticity, and overall skin condition. When supplemented with a proper diet, exercise and skin care tips, you can effectually speed up the process of tautening loose skin after losing weight.

Disclaimer: This article is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.