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4 Easy Tips on How to Remove Leftover Hair Wax from Skin at Home

How to Remove Leftover Hair Wax from Skin at Home
If the last session of your hair removal with wax left you scared and scarred with those nasty, sticky wax sticking like an unwelcoming guest, then it's time that you looked up into the tips that BeautiSecrets enlists for a painless wax removal experience.
Samarpita Choudhury
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
Pre-wax Preparedness
Wash the area with warm water.

Moisturize it with a water-based crème or lotion.
Waxing is painful, and removing wax from the skin after hair removal could be more painful. Who on earth would deliberately inflict so much of self-inducing pain? Well, perhaps the answer is predictable, and doesn't demand an answer per se. Well, all said and done, let us quickly get hold of some easy steps of removing excess wax from the body without even screeching in pain.

Well these tips would come in handy when you embark on the spree of doing the whole process of hair removal using wax, all by yourself at home, without any professional aid. So, under such prevailing conditions, if you happen to have some sticky wax stuck on to your body, the situation becomes untoward.
Using Oil or Lotion
Using Oil or Lotion
When you have excess wax stuck on the body, which can't be removed, do not try to pull it off or scrape it. In doing so, you risk chances of pulling out the skin as well. What works best is some generous application of oil. You can choose any body oil, baby oil, olive oil, or simply any usual oil that we use in the kitchen. Warm it up. Please be careful enough to not heat it up too much. If at all you are not willing to use warm oil, you can simply use it without heating it up.
Use Warm Oil
For best results, it is advisable to use a warm oil than a colder one. The logic behind this is that, we want to soften the wax that is sticking to the skin. The warmth of the oil helps in achieving it sooner. Apply the oil onto the surface of the waxed area. Rub the area so that the oil doesn't stick to the surface, and instead penetrates into the wax. Leave it on for a couple of minutes.
How to Remove Hair Wax
Grab a soft piece of cloth that wouldn't irritate the already-aggravated skin. Rub it over the area and be liberal while rubbing. A soft, firm rub in a single direction is desired, rather than vigorous rubbing done back and forth. Repeated rubbing will remove the wax from the skin eventually. While doing this, please bear in mind that the skin is a sensitive part of your body. Remove the oil from the skin with a cleanser.
Use Soap And Water
Use Soap And Water
If you are running short of time and don't want to keep rubbing the cloth on the area, just apply soap and water. Make a rich lather, and rinse off.
Note: If you are the kind who wants to remove wax from skin without oil, please opt for any oil-based lotion, or wax remover lotions and creams that are readily available in the market.
Use Alcohol To Remove Hair Wax
Use Alcohol To Remove Hair Wax
You can also make use of alcohol to get rid of the excess wax from your body. Dab some alcohol onto a cotton ball. Soak it sufficiently. Rub the cotton onto the waxed area. Rub it in a circular motion. Eventually, the wax should dissolve or should peel off from the skin. Repeat the process if required. Apply lotion to avoid skin irritation.
Use Of Petroleum Jelly For Removing Hair Wax
Use Of Petroleum Jelly For Removing Hair Wax
If you have been thinking about the viable uses of petroleum jelly, well, one of the most efficient uses is while removing the excess wax from the skin. Take a generous amount of petroleum jelly and apply it gently onto the area. Allow it the time to penetrate deep into the wax. Remove it with a cotton ball, or alternatively with a wash cloth.
Use Of Ice Cubes
Note: If you want to remove wax from skin when dried, you can place an ice cube on the area. Prolong it, and watch the wax wither out in no time.
These were some tips to help in the painful obligation of waxing. So, the next time around, a waxing spree at home shouldn't strike a terror within.